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Become a Dinner Party Pro: Etiquette Tips from CK & GK

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

It's not about the spill, it's how you handle the spill. - Caitlin

When CK is invited to a dinner party, she must battle her own clumsy tendencies as she strives to be the ideal guest and not offend her gracious hosts. GK loves hosting (often creatively themed) dinner parties and ensuring her guests leave with a smile.

Do you dream of hosting remarkable dinner parties? Are you in need of proper etiquette and planning to make it a night to remember? CK & GK are here to provide the answer. Learn how to create an unforgettable dining experience with the right etiquette and planning!

Listen to be able to
  • Master the art of dinner party hosting and guest etiquette for unforgettable social events.

  • Tackle dietary restrictions with ease, designing all-inclusive menus that satisfy everyone's tastes.

  • Create seating arrangements for optimal guest engagement and comfortable conversations.

  • Gauge the perfect cocktail hour length while offering a variety of drink options to suit all preferences.

  • Establish graceful plate-clearing practices and post-meal cleanup procedures to leave a lasting impression.

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Our Takeaways:
  • Ask guests about their dietary restrictions when inviting them to a dinner party.

  • If you have dietary restrictions, offer to bring a dish that you can eat.

  • Do not use cloth napkins to clean up spills, especially red wine.

  • Keep your napkin in your lap until the host or hostess places theirs on the table.

  • Bring gifts that do not require fridge space, such as olive oil or flowers in a vase.

  • Arrive on time for dinner parties, not too early or late.

  • As a host, focus on being the fun facilitator rather than spending all your time in the kitchen.

  • Choose dishes that can be made ahead of time and served easily.

  • Consider having dessert prepared by a professional or bake it ahead of time.

  • Be mindful of guests' needs and try to create an inclusive atmosphere.

Dinner Party Etiquette

Creating a successful dinner party involves proper planning, consideration, and etiquette, and it's important for everyone involved to understand and follow good manners. Hosts must focus on providing a welcoming atmosphere and addressing their guests' needs, while guests must be respectful and mindful of their hosts' efforts. The dinner party experience can be enjoyable for everyone if all participants engage in meaningful conversations, follow social norms, and maintain a high level of consideration for others.

In this episode, Caitlin and Jenny share valuable advice on being a gracious host and a considerate guest. They highlight the importance of making guests feel comfortable and appreciated, from catering to dietary restrictions to ensuring there are enough seating options. Jenny also emphasizes the significance of mingling with guests and engaging in conversation, which ultimately leads to memorable and enjoyable dinner parties.




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