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Binge All the CK & GK Goodness 

Your Podcast Party Starts Here!

We bet you need your daily dose of CK & GK laughs and wisdom. Congrats, grown-up, you're in the right place, because this is your treasure trove of podcast gems!


Take some time to peruse our extensive archive of podcast episodes, where every single conversation, from the very first episode to the latest laugh-out-loud moments, is waiting for your ear-holes.


Dive into whatever topic tickles your fancy, from baby's first Botox to football rules, parenting help to celebrity connections, or whatever else your beautiful brain decides to tackle.

Not sure where to start?
Jenny's Favorite Episodes

Jenny loves episodes 13 and 31. 

Caitlin's Favorite Episodes

Caitlin loves the misheard song lyrics episode, breaking down slang, and the episode with Kimball Lewis.


Get your comfy pants, grab your headphones, and start your binge on some seriously fun podcasting goodness!


I decided to start with the "best of" episode and then skip around a bit. I loved having this play in the background while chasing my toddler around; it was like having a friend hang without having to contribute to the conversation 😂


I was hooked after one episode. As a soon-to-be parent, I loved the energy of the show and it's great to hear a perspective from people who work so closely with kids. The energy and connection between the hosts makes it feel fun and welcoming.


This podcast is a LIFESAVER for parents!
Jenny and Caitlin's insights and practical tips help you feel so acknowledged and supported throughout the ups and downs of your parenting journey. Truly a must-listen for parents who want to raise successful, happy and empowered kids!

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