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14 Easy Spring Organizing Tips for Busy Parents

Updated: May 13

You'll Love These Simple Tips for Spring Cleaning, Organizing, & Decluttering

Is your spring cleaning more like a dust bunny stampede than a calm decluttering session? Or maybe you’re feeling like Marie Kondo just rolled her eyes at your "spark joy" pile? We get it, friend, the struggle is real. We've all been there, drowning in good intentions and overflowing donation bins.

But no more! This episode is here to break the cycle and turn your organizing crusade from chaotic to commanding. Ditch the tired (and unrealistic) spring cleaning tips to finally organize your home, banish the clutter, and reclaim your space!

Caitlin, a self-professed organization expert, brings a delightful blend of humor and practical wisdom to the world of spring cleaning. With her down-to-earth approach and a dash of wit, she and Jenny share valuable organizing tips that make organizing your home a breeze. Their relatable anecdotes offer a refreshing take on the often daunting task of tidying up. Whether you're a seasoned organizer or just starting your decluttering journey, CK and GK’s tips will inspire and motivate you to get your house into tip-top shape, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

14 Spring Organization Tips That Every Busy Parent Will Love

Cleaning is not equal to tidying is not equal to organizing. They are three different tasks. —CK

This episode is for busy parents who need

  • Practical spring cleaning and organizing tips for a fresh and clutter-free home

  • Creative storage solutions for small spaces to maximize their living areas

And for anyone who wants

  • The benefits of weighted blankets for better sleep and relaxation

  • Pet Instagram accounts for a daily dose of cuteness and laughter

  • Solar eclipse viewing prep with expert tips and safety guidelines

Here are CK & GK's Smart Hacks for a Hassle-Free Spring Cleaning Spree

Practical Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming, but this episode provides practical tips to help simplify the process. From using pool noodles to maintain the shape of boots to creatively repurposing household items for storage, our cost-effective strategies help organize your living spaces. We can't wait to hear how these tips work for you!

Organizing Tips for Your (Messy?) House

  1. Store boots with pool noodles to help them keep their shape. Get them at the dollar store and use a knife to cut them to the right length.

  1. Store sheets in their matching pillowcases. There are sheet storage cases on Amazon that I’m (CK) obsessed with (but don’t yet own, so they aren't personally vetted). Vacuum pack bags are another great option.

  1. Store bobby pins on a magnetic strip (adhesive ones!), or use repurposed candle holders.

  2. Stash grocery store bags in a sanitizing wipes container (think: Lysol/Clorox) or an old tissue box.

  3. Use stickable hooks to store tools (hairdryers, etc.), or opt for ones that hang over cabinet doors

  4. Use stickable hooks to give the illusion of organization by hiding cords. Stick one on the back of the furniture and tie a knot in the cord, then hang it on the hook. 

  5. Use under-the-bed storage containers to store items such as out-of-season clothing, extra bedding, or shoes

  6. Use a shoe organizer to store cleaning supplies, toiletries, or other small items in your bathroom or pantry to maximize space and keep everything tidy; travel mugs/water bottles!!!

  7. Use clear vinyl placemats from the dollar store as shelf liners in your fridge to make the inevitable drips, drops, and sticky messes no problem. When it’s time to clean the fridge, you only have to pull them out and rinse them off!

    1. Press & seal wrap is another great option

    2. Lazy Susans in your fridge are also awesome! 

  8. Watch where the clutter forms and put a basket in that spot (get cheap ones from dollar aisles)

A Few Other Spring Organizing Tips to Help You Get Started

  1. Start small and use a timer. Start in 1 corner of the living room (I always start on my kitchen island) and say you’ll do this for 5 minutes. See how you feel after that. 

  2. Your new ✨organization system ✨ needs to account for anything that you use regularly. If you have to mess it up all the time just to get to the things you use often, it’s not going to last long.

    1. This may mean rethinking your categories. I have a Lazy Susan in my bathroom and it’s organized by things I use in the morning, at night, and then by type.

  3. As you organize, you might feel two things: the urge to label and the urge to purge. Go for it!

    1. Labeling: Use labels that are easy to remove, just in case the space you intended to store something doesn’t work out.

    2. Purging: Set up a little purgatory space/bin. Put the things you might want to keep in that bin and leave them for a set amount of time (set a calendar reminder so you don’t forget!). Anything you haven’t taken back out of that bin in that amount of time can go.

  4. Take a cue from KC Davis and remember that cleaning ≠ tidying ≠ organizing. They are 3 separate tasks. Treat them that way. Don't try to do them all at once.

And also...

Don't stand on the toilet to clean your air vent, because that's not a good choice. —CK

And of course, we talked about a few other things this episode...

  • Lazy Susans

  • Sumo Oranges

  • EverCrisp Apples

  • Wasabi Peas and Wasabi Trail Mix

  • Welder's Goggles: For safe viewing of the upcoming solar eclipse, consider purchasing welder's goggles for eye protection. Look for them online or at hardware stores.

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