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Football Vocab!

Caitlin Kindred

Here's a list of the vocab Caitlin shared in today's episode.


Understanding the 2022 NFL Wild Card Playoff

John Kujawa

JK broke down all the info you need to know to sound super football-smart during the 2022 NFL wild card! Check it out!

Yoga Mats

How to Get Started with Yoga

Ariella Anderson

CK was looking to get into yoga, so naturally, she turned to her friend, Ariella: the knower of things. Ariella is a certified yoga instructor and is here to support you!

LEGO Marvel Characters

How to Watch the MCU for Newbies

Ariella Anderson

New to the MCU or want to get into it? CK's friend Ariella is a former MCU-newbie and she's got you covered.

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