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Self-Love First with Laura Conley: How to Lose Weight & Embrace Lasting Happiness

Updated: Apr 24

Self-Love First with Laura Conley: How to Lose Weight & Embrace Lasting Happiness

Have you heard these myths about self-love and weight loss?

  1. You can only love yourself once you've reached a certain weight.

  2. Self-love means you shouldn't want to lose weight.

  3. Wanting to lose weight means you don't love yourself.

We'll share the truth about these myths, but get ready to be surprised. Stay tuned for some eye-opening revelations!

I think self-love is all about the way that we talk to ourselves, first and foremost, because you could take all the bubble baths, you can get all the massages, you can do all the things, but if you're beating the crap out of yourself inside your mind, it's fake, it's not real. It's a band-aid. —Laura Conley

Our Guest for this Episode

Today on the show, we are thrilled to feature Laura Conley, host of the Yummy Mummy podcast and a Certified Life + Weight Loss Coach. Laura helps mamas who have been painfully struggling with diet drama (+ who have tried EVERYTHING) to lovingly lose weight for the last time and free themselves from food forever. She is on a maniacal mission to do this so that her clients can pass down a beautiful legacy to their children around food and bodies, weigh what they want, and live the life they have always dreamed of without the weight and drama in the way. She does this by coaching her clients on how to balance their hunger hormones, rewire their brains, handle hard emotions, take daily accountability, and become their own bestie.

Key Takeaways

This episode is all about

  • Nurturing self-care while parenting: Learn effective self-care practices to maintain your well-being while juggling the demands of parenting.

  • Embracing self-love on your weight loss journey: Discover how to cultivate self-compassion for more mindful and sustainable weight loss.

  • Exploring emotions for personal growth: Understand the power of embracing and processing your emotions for personal development and inner strength.


  • Laura’s Book Recommendation: The Four Winds: A Novel by Kristin Hannah

  • Listen to the Yummy Mummy podcast with Laura Conley to learn about weight loss, self-love, and self-care. Available on all podcast platforms at

  • Visit to learn about the Yummy Mummy Experience, a program focused on weight loss, hunger hormone balance, mindset, emotion work, and becoming your own bestie.

  • Follow Laura Conley Coaching on Instagram for more insights and updates on self-care, self-love, and weight loss. @‌lauraconleycoaching

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Embracing self-love for weight loss

Self-love plays a crucial role in a weight loss journey. It frees you up to approach your goals with compassion and understanding. Embracing self-love can help shift the focus from societal standards to your own well-being and desires. It empowers people to make choices that align with their values and foster a positive relationship with their bodies.

Don't forget about nurturing self-care while parenting

Self-care while parenting is essential for maintaining balance and well-being. Take time to prioritize self-care so that you (parents) can be more present and available for your children. It sets a positive example for the next generation on the importance of self-love and taking care of your needs.

Thanks for listening!




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