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Pulling Out All the Stops: The Origins of 10 Idioms

Quote of the week:

"If we reminded ourselves that no is an answer, we wouldn't have a very real problem with people not accepting it." - Jenny GK

Jenny is a self-proclaimed trivia expert and Caitlin loves to discuss all things weird history.

Experience an "AHA!" moment as you explore the origins of common phrases and the tales behind them in this hilarious, heartwarming, and enlightening episode.

You might have heard that "It's raining cats and dogs" originated in the Middle Ages when animals would nestle into thatched roofs and fall into homes when it rained, but historians now believe that's not actually true! And, the phrase "One for the road" originated from condemned prisoners stopping for one last drink at a pub before their execution. The ladies' knowledge of history and linguistics was impressive and they had each other in stitches with their anecdotes. Here's what we cover in this episode: 1. Uncover the origins of everyday phrases that are used incorrectly or completely unknown. 2. Learn about the mystery behind the phrase "the whole 9 yards." 3. Hear about how you can literally get that B-R-E-A-D 😉.

Did you already know the origins of these idioms?

  • Yep -- every one of them!

  • I knew most of these, but I learned something today!

  • Many of these were new to me!

  • I had no idea about any of these!


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