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Let's Go Back To School:
Set Your Family Up For Success this Coming School Year

Classroom teachers CK & GK share tips for returning to school.

Image by Thomas Park

It's that time.

The summer sun may still be warming your cheeks, but whispers of "back to school" are already swirling in the breeze.


Backpacks hang limply in closets (or, if your house is like either of ours, they're strewn about the floor). Maybe they're yearning for the weight of textbooks and notebooks. Pencils sharpen their points in anticipation, and lunchboxes dream of juicy fruit and crustless sandwiches. 

And you, dear caregiver, are dreaming of school days again.

But hey, before the bell rings and classrooms buzz with activity, take a deep breath and savor the last moments of freedom. And then, when you're ready to dive headfirst into the new school year, we're sharing some of our best tips to set you and your family up for success when you go back to school.

We're experienced classroom teachers, true veterans of the "backpack wars," and champions of curious minds. We've compiled a few of our favorite back-to-school tips. From conquering morning routines to supporting your preteen's new makeup obsession, we've got wisdom to spare (and maybe even a sprinkle of classroom secrets!). So grab your favorite juice box (we won't judge), settle in, and get ready to conquer the new year with confidence and a smile. Click on any of the videos below and let the teacher talk begin!

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