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Save Your Money and Sanity with 9 Simple Household Maintenance Tasks

If I can do it, you can do it. So today we're all going to learn how close our house is to falling apart. —Caitlin

Discover the surprising home maintenance tasks that could save you thousands in repairs! They aren’t what you think, and you probably haven’t been doing them—but beware—they might just motivate you to start them right now! Tune in for the game-changing home maintenance tips that homeowners everywhere are overlooking. Don't miss out!

Save Your Money and Sanity with 9 Simple Household Maintenance Tasks

Maximize Your Home's Efficiency with these Household Maintenance Tasks

Practicing regular household maintenance tasks preserves your home's efficiency. These include tasks such as lubricating garage door openers, replacing washer hoses, and turning off the main water supply yearly. Completing these and other tasks maximizes a house's operational functionality and mitigates massive repair expenses.

Breathe Clean and Fresh Air

Maintaining indoor air quality is vital for a healthy home environment. Regularly changing air filters is an easy task that has a huge effect on air conditioning systems. It prevents system damage and helps circulate clean, fresh air, improving overall indoor air quality.

Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

Maintaining a clean and odor-free kitchen means that you have to address areas homeowners often overlook. Cleaning faucet aerators and garbage disposal splash guards regularly, for example, significantly contributes to cleanliness. These simple tasks—we’re talking less than 15 minutes—are essential for a well-operating and pleasant kitchen environment.

Tasks to complete In The Kitchen

What to do
How to do it
Why it's necessary

Clean the garbage disposal splash guard Every 1-2 weeks

  1. Flip up the rubber gasket

  2. Scrub with kitchen cleaner and a toothbrush

Every time you smell something weird in the sink, it's likely trapped in the splash guard and not in the disposal

Clean your fridge coils Every 6-12 months If you have pets (like a German ~Shedder~ Shephard), aim for every 4 months

  1. Find your fridge coils (could be under your fridge or behind it!)

  2. Vacuum or brush off the dust!

It takes about 15 minutes!

Extends the life of your fridge and can lower your energy costs

Tasks for your Laundry Area

I'm weirdly good at plumbing. Somehow it just comes to me. —Jenny

What to do
How to do it
Why it's necessary

Replace washer hoses Every 5 years

  1. Call Jenny GK 🤣 (just kidding)

  2. Get a bucket and towel to catch the water in the hoses

  3. Turn off the water to the washer

  4. Unscrew the old hoses

  5. Replace them with the new ones

Extends the life of your washer and gets rid of all the gross gunk in there

Clean out the dryer vent (inside and outside) Every 6 months

  1. Use a vacuum with a long hose attachment

  2. Take the lint trap off the dryer and vacuum the lint out

  3. Disconnect the dryer vent from the wall and vacuum out the vent and the area surrounding it

Lint build-up makes laundry take longer to dry and is a fire hazard

Tasks for Everywhere Else in Your Home

What to do
How to do it
Why it's necessary

Blow out the soffit vent Every 2 years

Don’t use water, just compressed air

Improves attic ventilation and reduces AC/Heating costs

Clean faucet aerators Every 6 months

  1. Unscrew the aerator

  2. Soak in vinegar

  3. Brush lightly

  4. Rinse

Prevents hard water and/or chemical buildup

Flush your water heater Every year

Prevents sediment build-up

Turn off the main water valve and then turn it back on again Every 6 months

Locate your home's main water line and turn it until it's off. If you don't know how to do this, your water company should send someone out to show you how to do it for free!

  1. To practice

  2. So the valve doesn’t get stuck

If you have a leak, you want to be able to turn off your water quickly without figuring it out or fiddling with a stuck valve!

Lubricate your garage door tracks, hinges, and springs Every 6 months

Make sure you do your research to use the right lubricant for your door (based on what material your doors’ wheels and tracks are made of) Don’t use WD-40 because it attracts dust and dirt!

Extends the life of your garage door opener

We hope you find this ist of household maintenance tasks helpful. Listen to the episode for additional insights!




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