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New Year's Resolutions Are Overrated: Try These Tricks for a Better 2024

Does the idea of making New Year's resolutions only to abandon them within a few weeks sound familiar? You may have set (unrealistic) goals and hoped for the best, only to feel disappointed, discouraged, and frustrated when they don't stick.

There is a better way to approach resolutions—one that involves mindfulness, flexibility, and positivity.

Join us as we tackle the irony of New Year's resolutions, strive to do both less and more in 2024, and embrace discomfort for intentional growth.

New Year's Resolutions Are Overrated: Try These Tricks for a Better 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace mindful changes for a fulfilling new year.

  • Cultivate presence and mindfulness for a balanced life.

  • Prioritize effectively and achieve more with less.

  • Practice mindful consumption and embrace the power of gratitude.

  • Expand your social circles and enrich your life with new experiences.

  • Check out the Notion app for creating wikis, journals, meeting notes templates, and more. It's a versatile tool for organizing and planning out content, and it's available for free with various templates to get started.

  • Consider trying out the HeadSpace app for meditations and mindfulness exercises, including specific programs for walking and movement, which can be a great addition to a wellness routine.

  • Encourage your friends and family to review and share the podcast! Help us expand our audience and provide valuable feedback for future episodes.

Our Tricks for a Better 2024

Embrace Being Present and Mindful

The pressure to capture picture-perfect moments robs us of truly experiencing them. Being present and mindful, as suggested by Jenny, involves lessening the focus on photographing every moment, and instead soaking in the experiences firsthand. It’s time to be authentically engaged in your own life!

Doing Less and Prioritizing More

In a world that often values busyness, it's easy to lose sight of the most critical tasks and rush into doing everything. As discussed on the show, doing less doesn't mean being unproductive. It’s about mindfully identifying what's urgent and essential. This less stressed and more structured approach will improve your productivity, and give you more space for personal growth and development.

Achieve Mindful Consumption and Gratitude

So. Much. Stuff.

Mindful consumption is important for a balanced life. Let’s question the need before buying to instill a sense of gratitude for what we already have. This approach, discussed in the episode, not only helps our wallets but also fosters a healthier relationship with material possessions enhancing our emotional well-being.

Jenny GK

GK’s New Year’s Resolutions

I’m taking fewer pictures…

Rather than saying “be present,” I’m defining what that looks like for me.

This year, I’m quickly capturing the moment and getting right back into it. The picture doesn’t need to be perfect! I want to take (and post) pictures that spark memories, not ones that cause me to miss out on experiences while I’m trying to get the best angle or light on my pastrami sandwich… just eat the beautiful sandwich!

I’m rushing less…

One thing I’ve done poorly since the pandemic is honestly and accurately assess urgency.

I could say “Prioritize my family” or “Make time for self-care,” but that hasn’t worked yet.

So this year, I’m asking myself

  • Is this urgent?

  • Does it need to happen now?

  • Does it even need to happen this week?

I’m buying less…

Does this have financial motives? Of course!

But buying less in 2024 is more about gratitude and practicing patience.

Do I need this? Do the KIDS need this? What do I have at home that could be a substitute?

Instead of just swinging in to grab a coffee on the way to work, I plan to make it a special treat on the weekend. I’ll stay at the coffee shop and won’t take a picture of the coffee! I’ll just drink it and enjoy the experience.

Also, I’m not buying everything I’m sold by the media… social or news.

I’m moving more…

Sure it’s good for my body; maybe I’ll see some changes. But this is about the mental health benefits.

Moving more doesn’t need to be penance for eating something indulgent… this is about walking to the mailbox in the evening to decompress for ten minutes, or getting down on the floor and playing with the kids.

I’m sleeping more…

Come on, people. We all know we need sleep. We all know the ‘no screen time at bedtime’ rule. This year, I’m committed to closing my day with reading… it might be complete trash, but hey, it’s a book!

I’m learning more…


  • Some of those bedtime reads could be informative...?

  • This is trying something new…rock climbing? A recipe? The perfect winged eyeliner? Who knows?!

I’m just challenging myself to dig and experience learning as opportunities arise.

And I’m meeting more people…

This is the worst. This is the “resolution” I WANT to break right now, and it’s only January 2!

I hate small talk. I hate it so much that we did a whole episode on how to manage small talk, including how to avoid it altogether.


Every uncomfortable, awkward small talk situation is a chance to

  • expand my tribe,

  • gain fresh perspective, or

  • even find potential babysitters!

Seriously though, I’m pushing myself this year. I’m going to join the book club, go to the alumni happy hour, or (yikes) strike up that conversation in the preschool parking lot.

Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a beautiful 2024.





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