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Long Break With Your Kids? Here Are 32 Ways to Keep Everyone Entertained

It's a break! You're supposed to be able to relax. Especially over the holidays! —CK

Looking for creative ways to keep your kids entertained during breaks? Join Caitlin Kindred and Jenny GK as they share fun ideas for activities to create memorable experiences for the whole family.

Long Break With Your Kids? Here Are 32 Ways to Keep Everyone Entertained

This episode helps you

  • Discover creative and fun activities to keep kids entertained during long breaks.

  • Create lasting family memories with engaging indoor and outdoor activities for bonding and fun.

Some of the sources mentioned in this episode include:

  • Visit the New York Times Crossword app to challenge your mind and have some fun with word games.

  • Check out the book The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker for creative activities to help you tune in and be more observant in your daily life.

  • Explore the Reef Tank subreddit on Reddit to learn more about fish and aquariums, and join the community conversation.

  • Watch videos of family games on Instagram or TikTok for new game ideas to play with your loved ones during the holidays. Get them here!

  • Listen to the Gray's Taproom Podcast! Many thanks for including us, Mike & Tabby!

Discover Creative Activities to Entertain Your Kids Over Break

Creating engaging activities tailored to children’s interests is essential during long breaks. This means parents are on the hook to find inventive solutions that provide educational and recreational benefits. Exposing kids to a broad range of experiences, from arts and crafts to scavenger hunts, can help foster creativity and entertain them during their free time.

And these things don’t have to be more work for parents. You can absolutely borrow/steal from the plethora of free online resources with some creative and targeted online searches and a printer (or a screenshot)!

Engage in Fun Indoor DIY Projects

DIY projects are engaging and educational activities that can occupy kids during long breaks. These hands-on activities, such as mini garden planting, not only offer practical skills but also provide a sense of accomplishment (wa-hoo!).

Don’t forget: DIY tasks can double as cooperative projects that force teamwork and communication. The final product? That’s a tangible reminder of the time spent completing the task over break.

Explore Exciting Outdoor Activities

That cold winter air? Invigorating, no? Outdoor activities—weather permitting, of course—are a fantastic way to keep kids engaged during long breaks. From nature scavenger hunts to sports clinics, these activities provide physical exercise and enrich their understanding of the environment.

The key here is novelty. Seek out new playgrounds, parks, and other locations for outdoor play sessions to keep your kids from screaming about how bored they are (at least for a few minutes!).

As always, thank you for supporting the show.



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