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Hate Small Talk? Here Are 5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Avoid It

Sometimes there are awkward pauses in our show. but I've learned in my 39 years of existence that it's because I am absolutely horrible at small talk. So today we're sharing five tips that will help me—mostly me—and everyone else, up their small talk game. —CK
Hate Small Talk? Here Are 5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Avoid It

Caitlin Kindred and Jenny GK hilariously challenge the art of small talk, as Jenny, a self-proclaimed introvert, embarks on a mission to conquer awkward social interactions by diving into deeper conversations and defying societal expectations.

Meet CK and GK, your go-to gurus for mastering the art of chit-chat. Known for their signature blend of humor and authenticity, the ladies use their own experiences as introverts to help others navigate the often daunting world of small talk. They’re the ideal guides for those keen to break out of their shells and connect with others on a deeper level. Drawing on a wealth of research and their innate understanding of human interactions, their approach to improving small talk is as refreshing as it is relatable.

In this episode, you'll discover effective strategies to elevate your small talk skills for more meaningful interactions.

How To Avoid Small Talk: Pro Tips

  • Read the full article on Idea Pod by Tina Fey for more conversationalist phrases to improve your small talk game.

  • Check out the article by Angela Haupt for Time Magazine for additional small talk tips and benefits.

  • Before an event, get up-to-speed on current events, sports, celebrity gossip, and recent book or music releases to have interesting topics for small talk.

  • Consider joining Toastmasters International to improve your public speaking skills and become more comfortable with small talk.

  • Skip over small talk by asking deeper questions to have more meaningful conversations.

  • Avoid small talk altogether! Help out the host at parties or events by pouring drinks, setting out food, or cleaning up to engage in more focused conversations.

  • Offer to get refills for others at social gatherings as a way to break away from small talk.

  • Travel in pairs and find someone you know to confide in about your discomfort with small talk. Be open and vulnerable about your feelings—chances are, they're just as uncomfortable as you are!


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