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We're Featured! Goodpods 'Best Shows to Support Women in Podcasting'

Updated: 4 days ago

The best podcasts for supporting women in podcasting.

by Saunya Killman for Goodpods

ck and gk

The lovely and hilarious Saunya Killman of the Opinionated Lushes included us in her list of top 5 podcasts to support women in podcasting.

Who is Saunya?

Co-host of Opinionated Lushes, she likes geeky things and taking care of the 30 animals I have in my home.

She says

We need to shine a spotlight on female podcasters. There's not enough of us out here. It can feel isolating and often discouraging.

She says:

Why this podcast?

Entertaining AND educational, this is a great podcast to listen to. Sometimes adulting can be a lot of fun.

We're so honored to be included in her list and with these other fantastic shows.

  • Her show, Opinionated Lushes, hosted by Jessica Hart, Saunya Killman, Dawn Walton

  • Alt.Pop.Repeat

  • 30 Going On 13

  • Mads World




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