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Fresh & Affordable Date Ideas For Couples, Families, & Friends To Reconnect

Jenny GK's "Mount Laundry" needed a full day to climb (and fold). After successfully conquering the mountain, she felt inspired to do something fun with her family and find hilarity and love in the middle of chaos.

"It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to take time for yourself and your loved ones. Make time for adventure, laughter, and fun with your family and friends—it's the best way to stay connected and make lasting memories!"

Jenny's always coming up with creative ways to make family time fun! She has ideas for dates with your spouse, children, and friends, ranging from culinary adventures to scavenger hunts to virtual movie nights.

CK & GK started by catching up. Jenny tells a funny story of how her daughter's imagination gave new life to the character of Smaug the Dragon. Caitlin shares a day-in-the-life story and a sweet moment of mindfulness.

Jenny went on to share her ideas for fun dates with your partner, children, and besties, from a nerf war to an Oreo Slam Dunk contest. Finally, she concluded with her favorite idea - a progressive dinner, taking each other on an adventure to explore the city together. With her tips and stories, she hoped to inspire others to create meaningful connections with their loved ones.

Here's what Caitlin and Jenny cover in this episode:

  1. Creative ideas can you come up with for a unique date night with your partner or spouse

  2. How you can add an element of fun to spending time with your children

  3. Fun ways to spend quality time with your bestie


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