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Decode the Drip: Slang Breakdown with CK & GK

Episode 63

If you're feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the efforts you've been making to try and connect with your children, but instead of seeing the communication and connection you wanted, seeing instead frustration and disconnection, then you are not alone!

"We're going to help you be a little less cringe with your kids. We're talking kids slang." —Caitlin

Understanding Gen Z Slang

Staying updated with the evolving language trends is crucial for parents who want to connect with children from younger generations. Slang words can change with time and context, and understanding them is essential for establishing a bond with your kids. They can often come up with new words and phrases, and parents need to be aware of these terms to communicate effectively with their children. Failing to understand slang words can lead to miscommunication and cultural differences, making it vital for parents to stay in the loop.

Jenny GK shared her experiences with Gen Z slang, noting how these words can have multiple meanings and different layers. She noted how "giving" could be both complimentary and insulting, depending on the context. By sharing relatable anecdotes, she and Caitlin illustrated the importance of grasping these nuances to avoid misunderstandings and better connect with younger generations.

With this episode, you'll be able to:
  1. Grasp Gen Z lingo to enhance communication with your child.

  2. Comprehend trendy slang terms such as lit, mood, salty, cope, mid, and sneaky link for improved understanding.

  3. Be in the know about fashionable slang like drip, Gucci, and baddie to stay current.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

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Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - Introduction, The hosts introduce themselves and discuss their latest obsessions, including sour skittles and coding.

00:03:00 - Taylor Swift Tickets, The hosts discuss their excitement about purchasing standing room-only tickets to see Taylor Swift in Dallas, Texas.

00:07:24 - Guess the Location Game, The hosts talk about a game they play called "Guess the Location" with Jenny's son, and share a challenging location that stumped them all.

00:11:00 - Kids' Slang, The hosts discuss popular kids' slang words and phrases, and offer advice on how parents can keep up with the latest slang and communicate effectively with their children.

00:19:20 - Parenting Wins, The hosts share recent parenting wins, including successfully potty training a child and helping a child overcome a fear of needles. They also discuss the importance of celebrating small victories as parents.

00:15:15 - Gen Z Slang, Caitlin and Jenny discuss popular Gen Z slang words and phrases, including "bet," "vibe check," "snatched," and "slay."

00:18:43 - Fashion and Language, The hosts talk about the use of "fashion" instead of "fashionable" and how language changes over time.

00:21:02 - Cringe, The hosts joke about how cringy it is to be discussing Gen Z slang as older individuals.

00:22:12 - Gatekeeping, The hosts touch on the topic of gatekeeping and how it can manifest in preventing others from accessing information or experiences.

00:23:51 - Pop Off and Touch Grass, The hosts talk about the meanings behind "pop off" and "touch grass" and how they can be used in different contexts.

00:29:32 - Understanding Gen Z Slang, Caitlin and Jenny discuss Gen Z slang and its various meanings. They talk about how words like "drip" and "Gucci" are used to describe fashion, while "cope" is used to deal with challenging situations. They also explain the term "sneaky link" and how it's used to describe a secret relationship.

00:31:40 - Exploring Gen Z Slang, Caitlin and Jenny discuss how the term "mid" is used to describe something that is average or mediocre. They also talk about the term "baddie," which is used to describe a confident, independent woman who takes care of herself and doesn't tolerate anyone's nonsense.

00:33:03 - Understanding Gen Z Slang, Caitlin and Jenny explain the meaning of "sneaky link," which refers to a secret relationship that no one else knows about. They discuss how the term is used on social media and in real-life situations, such as when two people who are friends at home don't acknowledge each other at school.

00:34:02 - Gen Z Slang, Caitlin and Jenny end the podcast with a discussion of the term "baddie," which is used to describe a confident and strong woman. They encourage listeners to rate and review the podcast and ask for attention on the internet, which they describe as being "thirsty."

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