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Groom Like a Grownup: Do You Make These Common Beauty Mistakes?

Feeling stuck in a grooming rut?  This episode's got you covered! Join CK and GK for a chat about all the common beauty blunders we ALL make (don't worry, we've been there!).

We're spilling the tea on skincare secrets, haircare hacks, and even the best drugstore buys to keep your routine on point without breaking the bank.  

Get ready for some hilarious stories from Jenny and easy-to-follow tips that'll have you feeling like a grooming guru in no time. This episode is your one-stop shop to ditch the bad habits and rock a flawless look!

And let's be honest, Caitlin and Jenny's banter is always entertaining, so you know it'll be a fun and informative listen. Hit play and let's upgrade your self-care game together!

Groom Like a Grownup: Do You Make These Common Beauty Mistakes?

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Avoid Common Grooming Mistakes

You can avoid common beauty mistakes with the right knowledge and retaining some old habits. Small adjustments in skincare, makeup, and hair routines can make a big difference!

Skincare Routine Order Importance

The order in which skincare products are applied can impact their effectiveness. Start with your lighter products and move to heavier ones for proper absorption and the most bang for your buck when it comes to those pricey products. Think most water-like to least water-like for best results.

Master Makeup Application Tips

Using the right tools and techniques can really elevate your makeup application. Brushes and beauty blenders play a key role in achieving a flawless finish. Mastering makeup application skills can enhance your overall grooming routine. Look up tutorials online whenever you're in doubt.

A Few Common Beauty Mistakes From The Episode


DO ✅

Dip your fingers in jars/containers!

Jenny: I have done this every night for as long as I’ve been wearing night cream

Use a scoop or a Q-tip because... bacteria… Yes, even on clean hands.

Finish your makeup look with powder. Jenny: I literally did this yesterday.

Use primer before makeup (and don't underestimate the power of setting spray). The powder settles into fine lines! Jenny: I know Caitlin, you don’t have any lines because of our forehead poison...

Blow dry your wet hair…especially with a brush. Jenny: Wait, what? Don't dry wet hair?

Towel or air dry your hair to about 80% dry, then use the blow dryer. Less time with heat and the brush means less damage to your hair.

Saw the nail file back and forth over your nail tips.

Start at the side of your nail and file to the center going in one direction. You should lift the file away from the nail and return to the starting point until you get your desired shape. Aggressively sawing your nails with a file can weaken them and cause the tips to fray or split.

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If you're running and take off in slow motion, and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is, 'Oh, my knees,' remember, that's your check engine light. You should probably not do the jump. —CK

As always, thanks for listening.





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