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7 Amazing & Affordable Travel Accessories That You're Going to Want

Tired of travel hassles bringing you down?  We've all been there: lost luggage, tangled chargers, airplane woes. But what if there were some secret weapons to turn your trip into a breeze?

On this episode of the CK & GK Podcast, we're diving deep into game-changing and totally affordable travel accessories that will have you feeling pampered and prepared, no matter where you roam. Get ready to ditch the travel stress and embrace unforgettable adventures!

7 Amazing & Affordable Travel Accessories That You're Going to Want

GK is an experienced traveler and I (CK) am a connoisseur of practical travel accessories. With a focus on enhancing the travel experience, they bring valuable expertise in identifying essential items for adults on the go. Our in-depth knowledge and insights into convenient and functional travel gear make us the perfect non-travel-for-work-people to discuss essential travel accessories.

Draw from our travel experiences and gather these practical tips and recommendations to optimize your travel comfort and convenience. Unlike Larry, here.

This episode is all about

  • Discovering essential travel accessories for a seamless and stress-free journey.

  • Airtags—not just for your keys! Use them for effortless and reliable luggage tracking.

  • Streamlining your travel routine with compact miscellaneous item and medication organizers.

In this episode, we discuss affordable travel accessories for adults, highlighting the must-have accessories that can enhance the travel experience. We share details on practical items such as seat back pocket organizers, AirTags, and modern “stuff” organizers that offer convenience and organization during trips.

These essential accessories make for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience—even if you're stuck in the middle seat...

7 Affordable Travel Accessories

  • Check out the airplane seat back pocket organizer mentioned in the conversation for a convenient way to keep your essentials organized during flights.

  • Consider getting an AirTag for your luggage to track its location and ensure peace of mind while traveling. These can be purchased from Apple or other electronic retailers.

  • These pill boxes that CK loves for keeping her travel pharmacy, (a.k.a. purse) organized

  • Explore the option of purchasing a multi-pump travel liquid container for a convenient and space-saving way to carry your essential liquids while traveling.

  • If you're interested in trying out a cuticle oil with a self-contained brush, consider the Bliss Kiss brand mentioned in the episode.

  • Blenders sunnies—or this adorable brand (SOJOS) from Amazon that CK loves!

  • Look into getting a fabulous faux cashmere wrap similar to the one mentioned in the conversation for a stylish and practical accessory!

AirTags: CK's Travel Game-Changer

Jenny said that she needed to get with the times. Now, I won't go that far, but one of the key accessories discussed in the episode is the AirTag. In case you haven't heard of this miracle product, it's a tracking device for items that can be attached to just about everything (seriously—even your kids' shoes).

When I attach one to the inside of my checked suitcase, it gives me peace of mind and alerts me (and any other savvy travelers) about the location of my bags during travel. When my bag is close to me on the baggage claim conveyor belt, my phone will alert me to how close my bag is down to the number of feet!

And just in case you need a laugh...

Are you ready for a travel revelation that will leave you in stitches? Picture this: a grown-up woman, enjoying a beach vacation, savoring her gelato, when suddenly, she takes a slow-motion tumble, landing with her ice cream face-down in the street.

But here's the kicker, the vendors across the street react with a resounding "whoa!"

Can you imagine the embarrassment?

Trust me, you'll want to hear this one. Stay tuned for a travel tale that will have you in stitches, and maybe even inspire your next family inside joke. It's a story you won't want to miss.

I am days away from my 40th birthday, happily eating my ice cream, and I slow-mo fall and roll around on the curb like a turtle. It was the most embarrassing thing I've done in a really long time. —Caitlin Kindred

So, make good choices.

And Watch where you put your feet. and don't shout 'whoa' at someone when they fall. The first thing out of your mouth should be, 'Are you okay?' And then you're allowed to cackle about it. —CK




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