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#44: This Episode Is Rated G+

Browser Extensions We 💚: Save Money, Save Time, Save Your Sanity

Additional support to help you say on top of *all the things.*

⚽️ Go Sports

Jenny: We're watching the World Series! Remember, it's a best of 7 game series, with a 2-3-3 setup. Jenny is pulling for the Astros, while Caitlin is cheering on the Phillies.


  • India’s cricket federation committed to paying equal appearance fees for men’s and women’s cricket teams, meaning all national team players will receive up to $18K per match.

  • The No. 3 Texas (UT) women’s basketball team. The Longhorns hosted a charity exhibition game against DePaul. Proceeds going toward building a new school in Uvalde, Texas.

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😍 Current Obsessions

Jenny: I've experienced live band karaoke! This is my new favorite thing -- now I can be a real-life rockstar!

Caitlin: “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift – and I’m not even a Swiftie!

💎 Gem Of The Week

Jenny: Abby has issues with a strip club lunch. Fair.

Caitlin: Crying listening to “About Damn Time” by Lizzo – when she says "I've got a feelin' I'm gon' be okay" I struggle to keep it together! Hormonal much?

🎙Real Talk

We talked about browser extensions we know and love this week. Note that we are Chrome users, so please review if these are available in YOUR preferred browser!



What It Does



We’ve already talked about this one – helps you in ALL parts of your job search. (We got a mention in this article on TealHQ’s website, and here’s our blog post all about this!)

Acorns Earn

​Have an Acorns account? You can get cash back deposited into that account when you add this extension and shop websites you normally shop.


Find coupons + deals and get cash back (PayPal partner, but works on most sites without it).


Same as Honey, but not tied to PayPal. (I personally have less success with their coupon codes but DO still get the cashback.)

Capital One Shopping

​Lots of great promo codes, and you don't need to be a Capital One customer.


Insert Learning

T​​urn websites into interactive lessons. Add questions, annotations, discussions, etc. to a website. You can even add videos + other things by creating a sticky note and embedding the item into that note.


Free citation generator -- because who doesn't need that?!


​All you have to do is click “record” and go through the process you want to share. Scribe monitors your clicks and keystrokes to instantly create your written guide. Think of how much time you’ll save telling your kids how to “do stuff” online!


​Convert PDFs to editable documents (for when you find those PDF activities online and need to alter a few things!)


​Give feedback – without typing a bajillion comments! Record your feedback as audio (works with G Suite apps) and save yourself time.


Type or draw math to insert into a document (OMG WHAT).


​Record your screen with or without your face! Your face is superimposed Picture in Picture. Editable videos in chrome; stored right in your Google Drive. *Note that the free version just got an upgrade and you can now store more videos IN Screencastify.



Choose which parts of a webpage to print (means you won’t print ads anymore!)


I​f you’re someone who needs to set meetings or “coffee chats” with people, you can use Calendly to have THEM choose times that you’re available (instead of the back-and-forth)


(aka "Save to Pocket)

Save articles you want to read later or videos you don’t have time to watch right away. You can tag them and pull them up later! It will cut the page's clutter and give you the link to the original article. (I don’t like how it works for articles that are swipes or long lists, but I appreciate that you can get the link to the original post.)


b/c obvi


Grammarly : grammar :: Wordtune : revision & writing style


Save all of your tabs so that you don’t lose them when you close a window. Also saves entire windows! Caitlin uses it for work: one window for each client. (P.S. How satisfying is it when you finally close a tab?)


​Similar to tabXpert but instead, it SAVES your computer’s working memory by putting all of your tabs into one window so that you can close and reopen tabs as needed.

The Great Suspender

​Suspends tabs you aren’t using to save memory!


​Shorten links to copy and share (we use this one all the time for the show!)



​Save recipes from anywhere and get a quick ingredient list for everything at once (transfers info to your phone if you have the app!)


A password vault that can also be used on your phone.


You can play the OG Tetris game in your browser – a lovely distraction when that Zoom meeting just won’t end…

Additional links to check out for more great extensions:

Now go! And do all the stuff!

Caitlin & Jenny


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