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Updated: May 29

So, y'all remember waaaaaayyyyyy back in episode 24...

...when Caitlin jabbered on and on (and on... and on some more) about the amazingness that is the TealHQ Google Chrome extension? And then she talked about it again in the following episode as part of the two-part series on cover letters and résumés?


David Fano, CEO of TealHQ heard. our. episode.


Jenny and I were completely blown away -- like, what? HOW?

And now we're featured by Teal!

David (forever known now as "friend of the show") liked the show and reached out, along with (our other new "friend" -- maybe that's presumptuous, who knows) Lia, and we were featured by Teal in a post for teachers looking to transition out of the classroom!

AND, David and Lia made sure that our show was part of the "trending" section of their recent newsletter -- which went out to over 30K potential readers.

TealHQ newsletter featuring CK & GK as a great listen!
We know, right!? Can you BELIEVE!? (FYI, links in the image are not live)

Many thanks to David Fano, Lia Z., and Mel Ripp, who gave us such kind consideration and made us sound so awesome!


Caitlin & Jenny

Find the TealHQ Google Chrome extension, here.


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