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#43: "It's, Uh, Kind Of Good?"

Found: Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

We're DEEP into Spooky Season and you have SIX DAYS to get costumes together. Don't worry. We've gotchu. 🎃

  • Mandy Matney + Liz Ferrell @ Murdaugh Murders Podcast – CNN had them on for a special on Sunday night and they were guest on MFM. SUCH a BIG DEAL. (Congratulated them on IG and Mandy Matney added it to her story – love it!)

    • FYI, MFM is the show that inspired US to do our show and how I found MMP, so it’s pretty cool!

  • The Captioned Life Show/Host Sean for putting our trailer out there to an entirely new audience and being an all-around nice guy. Hear his promo during the episode!

⚾️ Go Sports!
  • Jenny: MLB post-season update! We're currently in the ALCS & NLCS. You can see updated standings here, courtesy of

  • Caitlin: Byron Perkins; Hampton University defensive back who came out as gay last week. October is LGBTQIA+ History Month – first-ever openly gay HBCU football player! All our best to Byron!

Current Obsessions/Products We Love
  • Jenny: Exfoliation mitt - seriously ANY drug store mitt. Just got get yourself one.

  • Caitlin: Goody Volume Boost Hair ties – no crease in my hair PLUS no saggy bun. NO ONE wants a saggy bun.

💎 Gem Of The Week
  • Jenny: It's official. Midnight release parties were ruined by the internet! Remember those?

  • Caitlin: Ruining ‘Thriller’ for Sam (6YO) by scaring him with the 13-minute version of the music video; my mother saying "Tell him he can only have nightmares on Fridays." 🤣 And, In case you were wondering, I have also ruined 'Werewolves of London' for him. Oops.

(Don't worry -- he likes the zombies. It's the werewolf/werecat thing that got him. 🌕🐺)

Real Talk! Found: Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family







  • ​Ghost - go old-school with a sheet and some holes, bonus points for pushing a Charlie Brown theme

  • A witch - black outfit with a drugstore witch hat

  • A bunny - a onesie with some bunny ears

  • Wayne & Garth - go grunge, add a hat and/or some black glasses frames

  • A hobbit - here's an AWESOME way to make shoes (link below)

  • A baked potato thanks to this hilarious picture all over Instagram (link below)

  • Serena Williams - tennis outfit, extra points for sparkly

  • RBG - grad gown and doily collar BIG glasses

  • Formal apology - evening dress with I’m Sorry sash

  • Taylor Swift Reputation Album - just write on half your face

  • Frappuccino - brown clothes, white feather boa, paper towel tube painted green

  • ​Nail polish - painted box, paper cylinder hat

  • Bubble bath - balloons and rubber duck

  • Frosted circus animal cookie - pink dress with pompoms stuck on

  • Where’s Waldo - striped shirt, jeans, beanie (Andy did this - photos)

  • Operation Board Game - felt shapes glued on sweats

  • Picnic - gingham dress with ants glued on, carry basket

  • Dirty Dancing Baby - jean shorts, tank top, watermelon

  • Classic Ghost - cut holes in a sheet

Big Ups to Ree Drummond

Thanks for being friends of the show.

Happy Halloween!

💚 ,

Caitlin & Jenny


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