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#41: "Is Barley a Carb?" & Other Baseball Pleasantries

Baby Got Her First Press Pass: Proudly Introducing CK Live on the Air

Go Sports!:

  • Jenny: Judge hit 62 regular-season home runs! Judge's 62 homers have totaled a distance of 25,520 feet -- nearly five miles. That's enough to get from Yankee Stadium to the Central Park Zoo.

  • Caitlin: Common sense take: Tua Tagovailoa should not have played last week. Maybe not a second-impact concussion, but still a bad decision.

    • The first injury: the Sunday concussion – clearly see him stumble around after he hits the ground; team claims it was a “back injury

    • Played him again on Thursday – got a second concussion

      • Fencing response – hands are stiff and splayed – hallmark concussion sign and can indicate something impacting the brain stem

    • Fired the NFL union doctor, but more needs to be done to protect players.

    • Debate about:

      • Concussion protocols

      • Player safety, especially with a quick game turnaround

Current Obsessions:

  • Jenny: Hello Fresh

    • Lemon salmon - seared and crusty

    • Barley - who knew?! “Is Barley a carb?” (Yes. Yes it is.)

    • Even the meatloaf is good!

  • Caitlin:

    • ADHD kicked in and she went on a reorganizing kick in her bathroom – love these acrylic organizers!

    • Telling my child to “talk to me like you love me” when he starts using a mean tone -- thank you to Leva from BravoTV's Southern Charm for that piece of advice

Gem of the Week:

  • Jenny: What do you think is the most expensive car? -- Hint: it should be a place where you can completely relax.

  • Caitlin: Sassy Sam after “talk to me like you love me”

Real Talk

Caitlin has the unique opportunity to interview baseball broadcasters Mike Capps, "Voice fo the Round Rock Express," and former Major Leaguer Matt Kata on the air while they are covering a live game. She asks tough questions like, “How do you know which pitch is which?” “What baseball gems do remember from your career?” and “What player position is your favorite to watch?”

Spoiler alert: these guys love to watch athletes at any place on the field.

You can listen to the entire interview (on our new Resources page!) here.

Thanks for tuning in!


Caitlin & Jenny


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