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14 Awesome Classroom Valentine's Day Gifts (That Other Parents Won't Hate)

Updated: May 29

Most Valentine's treats suck. These don't.

Are you trying to find the perfect non-candy Valentine gifts for your child's classmates? Let's face it, those cheap little gifts often end up as noise-making, easily broken, or lost items. It's frustrating, right?

There's a better way to make Valentine's Day special for the kids without resorting to candy or disappointing gifts.

We have 14 thoughtful and creative classroom gift alternatives that will leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank.

14 Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids That Aren't Junky

Host Bios

Caitlin and Jenny are creative and resourceful parents who are always on the lookout for thoughtful and unique gifts for their kids' classmates. Caitlin’s practical yet fun approach to gifting and knack for finding inclusive, clever, and non-candy gifts makes her the go-to parent when it comes to making classroom celebrations special without the sugar rush.

Here’s what you’ll get from this episode:

  • Important considerations for choosing classroom Valentine gifts.

  • Discover unique classroom Valentine gifts that go beyond candy.

  • Find practical and durable Valentine gifts that kids will love.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out the Motherly website for the article 22 Classroom Valentine's Day Treats That Aren't Candy, But Are Still Sweet for Motherly by Karen Johnson. The article provides additional ideas for non-candy Valentine gifts and can be a helpful resource for parents.

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Our List:

  1. Plastic zoo animals

  2. Slap bracelets, themed rings (bonus points if they glow in the dark or light up)

  3. Heart-shaped sunglasses/party glasses

  4. Stackable crayons/highlighters (you know, kinda like those pencils where you take the dull pencil tip out of the bottom and put it at the top? That but it won’t be useless when you lose one of the pencil tips.

  5. Scratch and sniff Valentine cards/stickers

  6. Crazy straws

  7. Plastic Valentine cups

  8. Mini notepads

  9. Pop-it keychains or fidgets (search “fidgets” on your favorite overnight online shop and you’ll see a ton!)

  10. Novelty pencils (those with a shape on the end)

  11. Coloring bookmarks

  12. Superhero masks

  13. Inexpensive books

  14. Keychains (little plushies or trendy characters are always fun—CK's doing Pokémon this year)

Creative Non-Candy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The CK & GK Podcast offers creative ideas for non-candy Valentine's Day gifts for classrooms. Ranging from plastic zoo animals to smelly markers, the suggested alternatives provide fun and engaging ways to celebrate this special day. These original ideas are a great inspiration for parents seeking something different.

Practical and Durable Gift Ideas

In the episode, practicality and durability are emphasized as essential factors when selecting classroom Valentine gifts. Caitlin Kindred and Jenny GK highlight the importance of choosing items that are not easily breakable and have a longer lifespan than typical party favors. Their suggestions balance fun and practicality, ensuring the gifts are not only enjoyable for children but also provide extended utility, a perfect balance for classroom gift exchanges.

Considerations for Choosing Gifts

This podcast episode underscores the importance of considering allergies, food restrictions, and inclusivity when selecting Valentine's Day gifts for the classroom. Beyond just the excitement of the day, these considerations ensure the safety and comfort of every child. And, as always, Caitlin and Jenny keep parents top of mind with inexpensive gifts that aren’t noisy and that aren’t junk, ensuring a Valentine’s Day celebration that’s enjoyable for everyone.


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