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Caitlin and Jenny sitting on a couch

Anyone Can be an adult. 
But not everyone is a grown-up.

That's where we come in.

The CK & GK Podcast

For adults who need a grown-up.

Get to Know Us

We're Caitlin and Jenny, best friends and educators.

We love to put our teaching skills to good use by discussing topics that adults want to know more about but feel like they can't ask.

We're all about giving our listeners practical tips that grown-ups need to live their best grown-up lives.


I really enjoyed listening to Caitlin and Jenny's

latest podcast.
They obviously have a great rapport with each other, but also provide some good advice for people looking for a new opportunity. I know there are a lot of podcasts out there talking about "adulting" but you make it as easy as listening to these two. nice work ladies!


They're not just married, parents, and educators; they're also great friends who love a good laugh. With their teaching skills, they tackle topics that parents might feel a bit awkward asking about. It's like chatting with friends who've got your back, sharing wisdom, and making you laugh along

the way.


Tune in for a laid-back take on all things parenthood.


Jenny and Caitlin are hilarious, their laughing is infectious. The way they talk with each other is exactly how I chat with my friends, I wanna join in on the convo! Also great hot tip on how to use my phone better 😂 I didn’t have a clue on all these hacks before listening.

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