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Pool Noodle Hacks You'll Want to Try Before Summer Ends

Here's why this summer staple is more than meets the eye...

CK and GK love a good hack, especially ones that are easy, inexpensive, and give them a place to channel all of their ADHD-hyperfixation-energy. Jenny is great at finding imaginative solutions to common problems, and Caitlin loves any practical “a-ha” moment. When their powers combine, CK & GK are a reliable source for DIY hacks.

Enter: the pool noodle.

easy pool noodle hacks

We were amazed by the versatility of pool noodles and how they can transform your home!

Listen now for genius pool noodle hacks that you can DIY in just a few minutes with a pool noodle, scissors, and some tape. We’ve got everything from keeping your kids safe and entertained to preventing car door dings in your garage.

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4 of Our Favorite Pool Noodle Hacks

Summer wouldn't be complete without pool noodles. These genius pool noodle hacks offer practical solutions for everyday challenges, like preventing door slams and hanging your laundry. With a little creativity and a few cheap pool noodles, you can easily DIY a few home improvements.

*Note: Please, we beg of you, always practice good judgment when borrowing hacks from TikTok. If you have any concerns about the safety of something, err on the side of caution and skip it.

Special thanks to our sources for this episode and blog post.

1) Door-Slam Deterrent

TikTok mom @ljflommom hacks off a foot-long chunk of green foam, slices it halfway through lengthwise, and then stretches it around the edge of her baby's bedroom door to prevent it from slamming. We liked this hack for babyproofing, too, because it protects small fingers from getting stuck in the door.

Another thing it could help with? Keep your pets from accidentally closing doors!

2) Prevent door dings in the garage, too!

Again, slice your pool noodle halfway lengthwise, but this time, wrap it around the studs in your garage and the cross-brace of your garage door to make sure your car's doors and lift gate stay ding-free... and then blame a rogue grocery cart for any new ones you get while out and about.

3) Keep Your Plants Cool

TikTok user @pennyjo8 says "For plants in pots, you can use pool noodles standing vertically to fill the container to about 3/4 of the height of the container. That way you won’t need as much soil in your largest containers, and it’ll help with drainage, keeping the soil from getting over-saturated."

So. Much. Lighter. Than. Rocks.

Brilliant, right?

4) Floating Beverage Barge

Cut short lengths of pool noodles to the length of the sides of a plastic bin. The tipster recommends using a bin with a lip to keep the noodles in place!

  1. Thread a bungee cord through the center of the noodles to keep them snug against the sides.

  2. Tie some rope or cord onto the bungee to make a handle.

  3. Add a small circle of pool noodle as a floating ring to make the handle easy to grab while you're lounging on your flamingo float in the pool.

  4. Boom! Bevvys in the pool.

Get the rest of the hacks in the episode!

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Make good choices!





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