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Our Story: How We Became 'CK & GK'

Updated: May 29

We're so glad you're here!

Jenny on her phone, Caitlin on her computer

CK is Caitlin Kindred, and GK is Jenny Green-Kujawa. And here's our story:

Caitlin and Jenny are both middle school teachers by trade. Caitlin met Jenny when she was called in to be a substitute teacher for Jenny at a local private school in Austin, Texas. Jenny happened to be in her classroom, preparing to take her students on a field trip.

Caitlin and Jenny started talking and hit it off! Pretty soon, Jenny told Caitlin to apply for a full-time job at the school. She did, she got the job, and then she became Jenny's 7th-grade social studies teammate.

Caitlin and Jenny worked together for three years at the school. During that time, they planned field trips (and sent formal invitations to other teachers to encourage them to chaperone), projects, and happy hours together. Many lunches and laughs later, they were no longer allowed to sit at the same table during staff meetings. 🤣

Our Podcast Story

When the pandemic hit, Caitlin and Jenny started talking on the phone more and more. Some conversations were three hours! One day, Caitlin told Jenny that she wanted to start a podcast -- and CK & GK was born!

We're thrilled to be able to share our love of laughter and learning with you. Thanks for supporting us!


Caitlin & Jenny

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