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Looking for Summer News that Makes You Laugh? Found! With CK & GK

Mustard Skittles, the candy combination that truly does not make any sense. —Caitlin K
Looking for Summer News that Makes You Laugh? Found! With CK & GK

Join hosts Caitlin Kindred and Jenny GK as they navigate the unpredictable world of entertainment news. With hilarious banter and surprising revelations, they try to stay in the loop and challenge each other's knowledge of the latest trends and stories.

In the entertainment world, few can match the enthusiasm and day-old news knowledge of CK & GK. Both seasoned enthusiasts have honed their ability to dissect complex news stories and present them in an entertaining and educational way.

The ladies’ lively personalities (insert horn toot here 🎺), flair for the unpredictable, and commitment to staying no more than 3 steps behind the big summer news stories and entertainment trends set them apart from the rest. Join in on the fun!

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Get an exclusive serving of the hottest entertainment scoops and sensational summer tales.

  • Dive into the allure of unparalleled luxury living on a world-class residential yacht.

  • Appreciate the delight in a bottle that Trader Joe's "Everything But The Bagel" seasoning brings.

  • Revel in the serendipity of a surprise invitation to a Kenny Loggins concert.

  • Value the deep friendship and the playful exchange between CK and GK.

Summer News Sources and Links You've Got to Check Out

Caitlin's Summer Stories

The Boston police officer flew down the slide like a human cannonball and dragged his face across the rubber turf. —Caitlin
  1. Wimbledon Shorts: Women's sporting uniforms at Wimbledon and world cup to change

  2. Slide =1, Boston Police Officer = 0:

  3. Simone Biles is BACK, babyeeeeeee: Simone Biles Teases Return for 2024 Olympics and Reunites with This Famous Fellow Gymnast; Simone Biles wins return to competitive gymnastics at 2023 US Classic

  4. USWNT loss to Sweden in penalty kicks in the World Cup: USWNT Releases Statement After Crushing World Cup Loss to Sweden - Sports Illustrated

  5. Mustard Skittles. Yep, they’re real: Mustard Skittles | French's

  6. Swifties literally shook it off and caused an earthquake in Seattle: Taylor Swift fans cause record-breaking seismic activity during Seattle shows | CNN

  7. Find us on “X”: Twitter X logo: Elon Musk rebrands social media platform | CNN Business

Jenny's Summer Stories

Swifties literally shook it off and caused seismic activity in Seattle. —Jenny GK
  1. Astros pitching: JV is back! and the Astros throw a no-hitter (16th in club history, first lefty, 27 batters)

  2. WGA/SAG strike (Fran Drescher is president?!, AI creepiness, Meryl Streep/George Clooney donate)

  3. Swiftquake (CK is LOVING this name for it 🤣)

  4. Miranda Lambert selfie

  5. Shiny Happy People: Jenny's new (cringey) binge

  6. Simone (marriage : babies :: Classics : Olympics)

  7. Katie Ledecky: This girl is AMAZING

Why it pays to keep up with pop culture news

Staying ahead of the curve

We see your eagerness to be in the know when it comes to the latest trends and stories in the entertainment industry. By engaging in lively dialogues about recent news such as the sports achievements of renowned athletes, unexpected concert nuances, or even unique food collaborations, you demonstrate that you want to be informed and updated. This proactive attitude to stay ahead of the curve enables you to engage in relevant discussions, understand dynamic industry shifts, and appreciate nuances that could potentially influence future entertainment narratives.

And hey, you’ve got something to say next time you find yourself having to make small talk. 😉

Relishing the simple delights

Remember to find your appreciation for the everyday tiny happy moments. From the joys of a new food find at Trader Joe's to the hilarity of receiving unexpected invitations, these seemingly ordinary encounters should be celebrated for their ability to bring excitement and amusement. In a world where major news often takes center stage, this focus on simple delights provides a refreshing reminder to find joy in the mundane.

Thanks for listening.




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