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Escape Goat Who? You'll Laugh at These Common Phrases That You're Saying Wrong

Updated: May 26

Have you been saying these common phrases wrong your whole life?

Escape Goat Who? You'll Laugh at These Common Phrases That You're Saying Wrong

Okay Adults, are you guilty of saying these common phrases and idioms incorrectly?

  • “Mute” point

  • “Escape” goat

  • “Butt” naked

We dive into the hilarious world of language mishaps and discover the real meanings behind these bloopers. You won't believe what you've been getting wrong all this time, and you'll definitely want to share these eye-opening insights with your friends. Tune in to this fun episode, and be prepared to say “Ohhhhhhh, that’s how you say it!?

We’ll have you speaking like a grownup in no time!

Jenny brings an engaging and light-hearted approach to these common phrases and idioms said wrong, AKA eggcorns. Her personal experiences (remember, she thought her fave bar order was a “Roman” coke) and playful banter make our exploration of language enjoyable and enlightening for our audience. See the video below for her inspiration (and much of our source content for this episode)!

Listen to the episode now ➡️

Nip those misspoken idioms in the bud by listening to the episode here.

Here are just a few of our favorite eggcorns from this episode:

Wrong ❌

Right ✅

escape goat



mute point


moot point

scandally clad


scantily clad

to pass mustard


to pass muster

coming down the pipe


coming down the pike

One last thing...

Are you team crew socks or team ankle socks? Listen to the episode for CK's thoughts on this issue... and IYKYK...

Which Socks Do You Wear?

  • Ankle socks always

  • Crew socks forever


Thanks to RobWords and the Eggcorns Database for helping to make this episode possible.




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