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Cheers to Our Sophomore Year: We're SO Mature Now

Paul Reiser wrote a book called Couplehood many moons ago (the Google machine tells me it was published in 1994) and I remember my dad really getting into it for a while. I have a vivid memory of my mom asking my dad what page he was on, and he said some number in the high 100s -- for some reason, the number 184 sticks out to me.

My mom was impressed because it seemed like my dad hadn't been reading the book for long.

My dad laughed out loud and said something along the lines of "You know, Paul Reiser actually talks about how sometimes it's frustrating to read a book and feel like you've made TONS of progress only to look and see that you're on page 22 or something... so the book actually starts on page 145."

With that in mind, Jenny and I have decided that season 2, our sophomore season, will not start with episode #1. It'll pick back up with #36, right where we left off. You know, to give us (and you!) that same sense of accomplishment that you might get from starting a book on page 145.

And hey, a quick shout-out to those of you who know who Paul Reiser is -- Mad About You was a great show (and I'm sure Lisa Kudrow would agree!).

We can't wait to get started with this season!

Caitlin & Jenny

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