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6 Quick & Easy Go-To Family Meals You'll Need For Tired Nights

Updated: Apr 26

Episode 57: I Need a Soul Detail

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When the family cook's bandwidth is stretched thin, we rely on these clever hacks to provide nutritious meals for our families on a budget, from quick and easy grilled cheese nights to roasted vegetable soups and BLT chicken salads.

"No one's going to judge. Again, this is not a cute mommy blog. Like, 'I live in a farmhouse, and I'm going to tell you two and a half years worth of stories.' And then you click jump to recipe. There are no recipes here.

Also, P.S., if there is not a jump to recipe link at the top of the page, I am not staying on your site, and your pin is now dead to me."

When you're struggling mentally, you still have to feed your family. So you start looking for meal prep hacks. Caitlin and Jenny are here to help.

Jenny stumbled across the trick of throwing a crock pot meal under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp everything up and make it seem like a restaurant-style meal. She also discovered that cooking a double batch of meals like meatballs or soup meant she could freeze the extras for easy weeknight dinners. Caitlin loves to elevate grilled cheese and tomato soup with a special name.

We rely on these hacks to make sure our families are fed healthy, delicious meals without having to spend hours prepping.

In this episode, you'll learn:

1. How to use the broiler to transform meals from soggy to crispy and delicious.

2. Tips for planning ahead to make meals with minimal effort.

3. Simple hacks for making everyday meals special.

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Caitlin + Jenny


Chapter Summaries:


We're back! Sorry for our absence. The entire state of Texas froze, and half of Caitlin's trees fell. It is not normal for the temperature to drop below 30 here in Texas. When it does, and it's coupled with precipitation, the entire state has to shut down.


Jenny grew up singing Christmas carols in Sears while her mom shoplifted (not really). Sometimes Jenny calls Caitlin the polar bear because she really knows how to break the ice.


A quick thank you to all of the people who've been reviewing our show, especially on Apple podcasts.


If you're into this hobby, you're a reefer. It's building a saltwater tank. John and Jenny have become super obsessed with it, and it has been kind of fun for them to share a hobby.


Rihanna performed in front of millions of people while pregnant. Also, eight or nine months postpartum? Stop attacking her, she was incredible.


The Murdaugh Murder trial has been on for three and a half weeks. Caitlin says she has been watching it almost every day. The thing that is coming out of this for her is that she's really seeing the human part of this. She advises people to step back and tune in to something different when it gets heavy because it does.


The label maker lets you customize the label and make it look the way you want. It also has a little thing for you to put a loop on it so you can wear it around your wrist. That's going to be your new obsession.


If you are going to go to Disney and you can afford to go during the school year, January is the time to go.


We stayed at Caribbean Beach, which is a Disney resort. It is my new favorite hotel. Jenny's biggest advice to every person planning a vacation to Disney World? There is a person out there who will plan your trip for free.


A little boy thought that my husband was wearing a sweatshirt that was promoting rice the food. Rice is a prestigious university in Houston.


We're talking about meals that you make for your family when you're struggling. At least one day a week, I rely on my crock pot or my pressure cooker.


Sometimes cereal is okay. It is okay to give your kids cereal, when you're having "Breakfast For Dinner!" night -- just make it fun.


Roasted any vegetable can be soup. I always have soup in my freezer, because when I make soup, I always make a double batch. Frozen meatballs are such an easy go-to.


Gordon Ramsay says his favorite meal is grilled cheese and tomato soup. He says you don't have to use fancy cheese. This is about relying on things that you know are standbys.


Blt chicken salads is the Subway of salad at our house. Or, instead of a salad, BLT chicken roll-up. Grab a tortilla, put all that stuff inside it. Whatever.


Take an ice cube tray and make a big snack. Put all of your kids' favorite hodgepodge things in it. This is also good for Friday nights when all you want to do is sit in front of the television. It's a really good way to keep hands occupied for a little while.


Make good choices and just do what you have to do to get through the night. No one's judging you. What's for dinner tonight? Whatever you can find in the fridge.


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