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#56: It's a Turkey Neck

23 Thoughtful & Clever Valentine's Day Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

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  • Jenny and Caitlin are hilarious, their laughing is infectious. The way they talk with each other is exactly how I chat with my friends, I wanna join in on the convo! Also great hot tip on how to use my phone better 😂 I didn’t have a clue on all these hacks before listening. – TDSDead

  • You can really tell the hosts have an amazing friendship. Their energy they share and conversations make me feel like I’m listening to a couple of my closest friends. – katiebrinkley

Thank you so much to TDSDead and katiebrinkley!

🏀 Go Sports!


Wanna have some low-stakes betting fun during the Superb-Owl? How about a Big Game Square?

Here's how they work:

  • 100 squares: 10 rows; 10 columns; labeled 0 - 9

  • Each axis is labeled with the team name (Team A on the bottom, Team B on the left side)

  • Each square has the same price -- you can set those prices as low or as high as you want! All of that money goes towards the reward pot.

  • Most pools allow people to buy as many squares as they'd like.

  • At the end of each quarter (half, game -- whatever your chosen interval is), the second digit in the teams’ score determines the winning box

    • ex: 13 Packers - 6 Steelers: winning box is 3 on Packers axis and 6 on Steelers axis


After the Brittney Griner saga, there are questions about the WNBA’s ban on flying private (the assumption here is that she’ll need to fly private to get to games because of security concerns.).

  • The questions are:

    • Will the WNBA actually let her fly private?

    • If she gets to fly private, shouldn’t her team (the Mercury) also get to fly private?

    • AND, if the Mercury get to fly private, should every other team in the WNBA?

We'd love to hear your thoughts with a comment on this blog post!

👏 Current Obsessions

Jenny: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes -- find it at your favorite local library or bookstore! I love the message of saying yes to things that scare or challenge you.

Caitlin: 90s Nation on MTV -- it will make your 90s-millennial heart SO happy.

💎 Gem Of The Week


  • Kit at Disney World: how can he ride Big Thunder Mountain (twice), but he’s afraid of Tinkerbell? He hid from Mickey Mouse (and every other character—even the human ones)!

  • Kit at a brewery: Jons says, “Kit — why are you naked?!” He (Kit, not John) had taken off all of his clothes and was splashing around in puddles at a brewery – while I was doom-scrolling on my phone for perfume dupes.


  • Our big kitty, Hugo, died this week. Sam wanted to comfort all of us by putting on a Netflix show about cat behavior. So sweet.

  • Sam’s favorite band is Imagine Dragons. He loves the song “Bones” and sings it all the time (like a true ADHD-er). Last night in the shower, he drew a bone on the shower window… it did not look like a bone (but it looked like something *else* inappropriate…

Real Talk: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ultimately, remember it’s not about the gift or its price tag. It’s about how well you know the person. When in doubt, think about hobbies, wants, and needs!

And a BIG thank-you to Buzzfeed, PureWow, and Refinery29 for their inspiration for this episode.

  • Kids:

    • A favorite character as a stuffy; LEGOs (there are some really cool mini sets!); shared activity books (I just got Draw With Mom for Sam!) or games that are just for fun

    • Cookie decorating kit - my kids love the special time at Christmas, so why not do it again at Valentine's?

  • Teens:

    • sports gear from their favorite team; name jewelry (if that’s their thing); a Stanley tumbler

    • Cloud sandals; all over TikTok, super comfy, lots of colors; inexpensive

  • Significant Other (not necessarily committed, but it's new or complicated... you know):

    • a set of 2 super cool wine glasses (or something that you know they’ll love to imbibe!) or champagne bears!; massage oils (or a similar gift); a cool backpack (Timbuk2 is a favorite brand of mine!) or cooler – like a YETI

    • Wearable blanket hoodie

  • Significant Other (committed relationship):

    • *nice* slippers – emphasis on nice (think Ugg); lululemon ABC pants; the gift of time – quality time together (this could mean a fun date-night activity or set of activities like idea cards, scratch-off movie posters or maps, Q&A books & games, etc.), time alone, time with their friends, etc. Time to do the thing that they love that helps them feel recharged!

    • Pet portrait

  • Friends:

    • great skincare, makeup, or hair products that you know they’ll love – nail polish gift sets, hair accessories, etc.; beautiful/nice things they can use for work (gorgeous pens or office accessories, travel accessories that can come in handy; anything related to inside jokes (I found a “What are you doing in my swamp” doormat that I feel like my sister needs to have; have treats delivered to them during the day

    • Show you know

Caitlin: I’ve also had excellent experiences with curated gift sets – Happy Box, Brightbox, and Knackshops are a few examples of these.

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Caitlin & Jenny


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