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#51: And Maybe A Gerbil

Fun, "Normal" Things From Our Childhoods That People Probably Can't Do Today

⚽️ Go Sports!

Jenny: 30-year-old Aaron Judge signed his contract w/the New York Yankees (even though everyone thought he was going to leave them!) – 9 years, $360 MILLION. Ho. Lee. Crap.

Caitlin: FIFA Update: Morocco knocked Spain and Portugal out of the World Cup– no matter how the rest of the event goes, they can be proud of taking out top contenders!

👏 Current Obsessions

Jenny: Christmas lists: Kit - another bedroom or pillows; Abby - Clearly Canadian, Japanese melon soda, and maybe a gerbil.

Caitlin: Going to Target at 7:30 am. It's a vibe , y'all.

💎 Gem Of The Week

Jenny: “Are you done texting Caitlin yet?”

Caitlin: Sam: “F*ckin’ around, the Christmas tree…Later we'll have some f*ckin' pie and we'll do some caroling...” A lá Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”

  • Fun Fact: Brenda Lee was just 13 years old when she first recorded “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree” in 1958.

Real Talk

  • by Alice Lahoda, BuzzFeed Staff

Many thanks to Alice Lahoda for her article. If you'd like more of her content, click here.

Happy Holidays!


Caitlin & Jenny


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