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#48: That's Why I'm Distracted

5 iPhone Hacks You Might Not Know About

(Or Just Haven’t Set Up Yet!)

⚾️ Go Sports!

Jenny: Altuve was not involved in the 2017 Astros cheating scandal. According to Peter Gammons from The Athletic, several players told him that Jose Altuve didn’t participate. When he asked Altuve, the 2nd baseman said it would be a betrayal of his teammates to comment. Also, locker room conversations led Gammons to believe there was team remorse that did not come across in reveal press conferences. We (meaning, our family and The 'Stros) should have never broken up!

Caitlin: Brown University announced on the Monday before Thanksgiving that Olivia Pichardo became the first woman to make an active NCAA Division I baseball varsity roster this fall! She is a utility player and walk-on. Brown baseball coach Grant Achilles said he was impressed by Pichardo's athleticism during her initial tryout and in subsequent practices. Achilles, who is entering his ninth season as coach, said Pichardo had "the most complete walk-on tryout I have seen from a player since becoming a head coach." Congratulations, Olivia!

  • Utility player = someone who can play multiple positions all over the diamond (infield and outfield)

  • Walk-on: someone who is not on scholarship but is on the team (VERY few baseball players are on scholarship b/c of the number of scholarships available to college teams. There are 11.7 full scholarships available that can be split among 27 of 35 roster spots. Meaning a full 8 players [or more] will be FULL walk-ons, receiving no money to play college baseball for their team).

👏 Current Obsessions

  • Reusable packaging

  • Locally sourced

  • House-made seasonings and sauces

  • A little more pricy than other meal delivery options, but with worth the price (local farmers/ranchers/chefs; healthy options; quality ingredients; quality packaging)

Caitlin: Austin band: Night Cap (available on Spotify)! I found them on TikTok and LOVED the song preview, so I immediately went to go listen! I found their whole catalog and really loved it. Per their TikTok, they describe themselves as an “Indie Rock band that sounds like a crispy version of Palace meets Kings Of Leon.”

💎 Gem Of The Week

Jenny: Thanksgiving sickness. Kit has ruined 2 of 4 Thanksgivings... Keep in mind that he's only 4 years old!

Caitlin: My boss wants to see my nails – he’s the only person who identifies as male in our company and asked to see them when I told a colleague about them during a morning meeting. You rock, J-Dawg.

📱Real Talk: iPhone Hacks!

Did you know that your iPhone can do these things?


  • Scientific calculator

    • In calc mode, rotate the screen to landscape

  • Sleep timer (especially for kids)

    • Timer → change the sound to "Stop playing"

  • Ask Siri funny questions

    • “Do I look good?”

    • “Are you married?

    • “Can you tell me a joke?”

    • “What’s my horoscope?”


  • Customize the vibration notifications for specific people!

    • Select a person in your Contacts and tap “Edit.” From there, go to “Text Tone” → “Vibration” and tap “Create New Vibration” to select a custom vibration for that person.

  • Make “stickers”!

    • In a picture on your phone, tap and hold the object in the foreground. Your phone will trace the outline of that object, and you can copy it and paste it elsewhere, like a sticker!

  • Set a timer from your lock screen

    • Tap and hold the timer button from your lock screen and a bar will pop up. Drag your finger up and down the bar to change the time, then press start. Done!

  • Create Shortcuts and automate common tasks! (For example, you can create one called “Leaving!” and have it open up your navigation app and then test your significant other with your ETA.)

    • Open the App Store, Search for “Shortcuts.” Download the App, then open the app and tap “get started.” Tap Gallery at the bottom right, and then tap what shortcut you want to use → Get Shortcut and follow the steps to configure your new shortcut!

    • What’s a Shortcut? Learn more here!

    • Some awesome shortcuts from Lifehacker

    • Some more awesome ones from MacStories

  • Text Replacement

    • Sometimes typing things like email addresses, URLs, and, of course, shruggy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is a pain in the 🍑. Your iPhone has a text-replacement feature that lets you type just a few characters rather than spending forever typing the actual thing. Here's how you do it:

    • Open the Settings app → General → Keyboard. From there, tap Text Replacement and the + in the top right corner.

    • In the Phrase field, type the word or phrase you want to create a shortcut for; in the Shortcut field, type the text you want to be replaced by the phrase. Then, tap Save. Now “omw” is “On my way!”


Caitlin & Jenny


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