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2 Minutes, 1 Hack: The Best Way to Overcome Procrastination

Have you ever heard (or told yourself) these myths about procrastination?

  1. I work best under pressure.

  2. Small tasks don't matter that much.

  3. I'll have more time tomorrow.

In this episode, CK & GK uncover the truth behind these myths and share how tackling small tasks promptly can lead to increased productivity and reduced overwhelm. You can overcome procrastination!

2 Minutes, 1 Hack: The Best Way to Overcome Procrastination
If you can do a task in two minutes or less, you should just do it right now. The longer you put something off, the harder it feels to accomplish it. —CK

Key Takeaways:

Learn the importance of combating procrastination through a strategy focused on the immediate execution of less daunting tasks.

Practical Tips to Overcome Procrastination:

  • Download the Artkive app (A-R-T-K-I-V-E) to preserve your child's artwork and schoolwork without clutter. (Recommended for parents and teachers!)

  • Strip your bed and immediately put on new sheets to save time and avoid forgetting. (Assuming you have multiple sets of sheets!)

  • Take two minutes each day to tidy your living room to avoid a big cleanup later on. And remember; tidying is NOT organizing and is NOT cleaning!

  • Spend two minutes taking care of dirty dishes throughout the day to prevent crusty leftovers.

  • Sort through your mail for two minutes each day to avoid a pile-up and prevent missing important items.

  • Take two minutes to fold and put away clothes to keep your space organized.

  • ALWAYS buy gas in the afternoon or evening to save time and avoid rushing in the morning.

  • Channel your inner Nike and just do it if the task can be completed in two minutes or less. Don't procrastinate and build unnecessary anxiety.

  • Be kind to your future self by making good choices and taking care of tasks promptly. Your future self will thank you.

See how this actually works for us

In this episode, Caitlin and Jenny embark on a journey to uncover hidden perspectives on the seemingly mundane aspects of life. They discuss tackling procrastination through a different lens, conveying that small tasks can, in fact, yield large impacts in reducing stress and promoting productivity. Emphasizing the need to shift perspectives on tasks that are often put off, their candid conversation illuminates new ways to manage everyday chores effectively.

Dive into our heads

Edging beyond the routine day-to-day tasks, Caitlin and Jenny dive into the thrilling world of personal obsessions and amusing anecdotes. Whether it's the intricacies of fishkeeping or the surprising revelations from ancestry DNA results, their lighthearted banter brings enchantment to the ordinary. The captivating narratives serve as a reminder that thrill and curiosity can be found in all elements of life, inviting listeners to redefine the common and venture into the extraordinary.

And unveil the surprises of ancestry

Lastly, the hosts take listeners on a fascinating journey as they unveil the surprises of ancestry through DNA testing. Caitlin's unexpected Italian lineage fuel a humorous but thought-provoking discussion about identity, heritage, and the privacy of genetic data. This discussion certainly captures the allure and mystique of personal ancestry, as well as the ethical concerns surrounding genetic testing, adding depth to their entertaining conversation.

Y'all are amazing—thanks for listening.



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