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17 Brilliant Ways to Be an Ally All Year, Because Every Month Is Pride Month

Here’s my advice: Pick one thing that resonates with you and start there. Do that thing and do it well. —Ariella

Pride month is over. Your rainbow tutu and feather boa are back in the closet to rest until next year. You listened to CK and GK's Pride history lesson and learned some things. You supported the LGBTQIA+ community for an entire month.

Well done.

The thing about supporting a marginalized community is that the work needs to be done all the time. Year-round support is how a marginalized community becomes un-marginalized. We’re all short on time and mental capacity, but actively supporting a community doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort on your part to have a big impact.

Ways to Support the LGBTQIA+ Community After Pride

Share your resources with queer organizations & political candidates

A vintage typewriter with a sheet of paper in the feeder that says volunteer.
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Sexual orientation and gender identity shouldn’t be a political issue, but it is. State legislatures across the country are enacting laws targeting the queer community. If you “don’t follow politics,” it’s time to follow politics.

  • If you have financial resources, donate to local LGBTQIA+ organizations. National organizations are doing amazing work, but local organizations make a bigger day-to-day impact.

  • Also if you have financial resources, donate to local political candidates who are endorsed by the queer community.

  • If you have time resources, volunteer for these same organizations or candidates.

  • Small-scale pride events happen all year. Take your family and get to know the queer advocates in your area.

  • Use any social media audience or clout you have to amplify and uplift queer voices and issues.

Read All the Gay Books

A young Black feminine presenting person sits cross legged on a leather couch reading a book. Bookshelves are seen in the background behind her.
Image courtesy of Unsplash

Yes, I'm giving you permission to buy more books. You're welcome.

  • Read banned books. Find out which books have been banned in your state and make them part of your family library.

  • Read queer books. These are books written by queer authors and include queer characters. There are queer authors in every genre.

  • Add queer books to your children’s library. Inclusive Storytime has done all of the work for you. Just add to cart.

  • Borrow books with queer stories from your local library. Check-out data tells library boards which books are desired by the community. Show your library board that you want these books.

  • Support queer authors on social media by engaging with their content and recommending their work

Support Queer or Queer-Friendly Businesses

A gay pride flag attached to a balcony on an old stone building waves in the wind
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  • If you’re in the market for Pride merch, prioritize buying from a business owned by a member of the community.

  • Seek out queer-owned businesses for holiday shopping or birthday gifts.

  • Prioritize queer-friendly businesses. These businesses might be owned or managed by allies, but are creating a safe space for the community.

Be a Safe Space

All are welcome here printed on a straw welcome mat. A basket of granny smith apples sits in the corner.
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When a local business is considered by the queer community to be a safe space, word gets around quickly. Same if you're a teacher, medical professional, or Target cashier.

  • Get involved in your local queer community by sponsoring a local pride event or offer to host one yourself.

  • Queer code your workspace or home with subtle symbols that will be recognized by people in the community. Even something as simple as adding your pronouns to your email signature or LinkedIn profile shows that you care.

  • Toss out unnecessary or outdated dress codes and let your employees express their authentic selves.

  • Arrange for gender-neutral bathrooms if you're able.

This is a long list and it’s understandable if you're feeling a little overwhelmed.

Here’s my advice: Pick one thing that resonates with you and start there.

Do that thing and do it well.

It makes a difference, I promise.




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