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These 8 Social Media Posts Will Ruin Your Happy Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 26

Are you making these social media mistakes during the holiday season? Learn the dos and don'ts of posting on social media during the holidays to keep the peace—and your sanity.

These 8 Social Media Posts Will Ruin Your Happy Holiday Season | CK & GK sitting on a couch
Filter your brain and think twice before putting something negative out there, especially during the holiday season. —Caitlin

Caitlin is an experienced social media marketer and content creator who brings her knowledge and insights to the table. With her expertise in marketing and social media, she offers practical advice and strategies for individuals navigating social media during the holiday season. Caitlin’s understanding of the nuances of online etiquette allows her to guide individuals in maintaining a respectful and professional online presence during this festive time of year.

This episode helps you

  • Navigate the digital world while maintaining your online reputation.

  • Share your holiday joy without coming across as braggy or insensitive.

  • Keep the peace on social platforms during family gatherings.

  • Engage in respectful and constructive political conversations online.

  • Maintain your mental well-being while engaging in social media during the festive season.

Episode Summary

Social Media Tips:

  • Check out the article from Reader's Digest that inspired this episode. Find the link below!

  • Visit AllWomensTalk to read more about things you should avoid posting on social media during the holiday season.

  • Explore Social Stamina for additional tips to navigate social media during the holidays. Find the link in the episode description.

  • Follow CK & GK on social media for more insights and discussions about social media etiquette. Search for CK & GK on your preferred social media platform!

Content Tips:

  • Consider practicing gratitude and avoiding complaints about gifts on social media. Instead, focus on sharing pictures of your loved ones and expressing gratitude for their presence during the holiday season.

  • Remember to keep family drama off social media. Contact friends and family privately rather than airing grievances online if you need support or advice.

  • Avoid posting about political viewpoints during the holiday season. Instead, engage in respectful conversations in person or seek out appropriate platforms for political discussions.

  • Be mindful of negative remarks about other faiths. Embrace diversity and inclusivity by celebrating and respecting different religious traditions during the holiday season.

  • Practice social media engagement tactics that align with positivity and respect. Avoid engaging with accounts and posts that upset you—by liking, commenting, or otherwise interacting—these interactions teach the algorithm that you want to see more of that content and that the post is valuable to the platform.

Just. Keep. Scrolling.

Remember, the keys to a professional online presence are authenticity, relatability, and respect for others. —Jenny GK

Mastering Holiday Season Social Media Etiquette

Navigating social media during the holiday season can be challenging. But (*channels my mother*) just because other people are posting all of their holiday fun doesn't mean it's a good idea for you to do it, too.

Maintaining a professional and respectful online presence is just as important during the holidays as it is during the rest of the year.

By refraining from posting controversial or sensitive content and practicing empathy, you can ensure your social media interactions are positive and respectful.

Posting about Gifts on Social Media

Look, we get it. It's common to want to share your holiday joy on social media. #Blessed

But use caution and discretion when posting about gifts.

  1. It's tacky and out-of-touch to brag about lavish presents, and

  2. Complaining about the gifts you received shows a serious lack of gratitude.

Instead, focus on sharing moments with loved ones, which, really, is the true spirit of the holiday season.

Avoiding Family Drama on Social Media

Ah, the holidays... Full of love, laughter, and in some cases, reminders about why you only get together with Aunt Myrtle once a year.

The holiday period is often full of family tension.

But broadcasting these disputes on social media isn't beneficial or respectful. Remember that what is shared online is no longer private and can have lasting effects, so it's better to avoid posting about family drama altogether.

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Happy posting!



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