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How Honoring Personal Boundaries Took One Woman From Dark Days to Joy

Self-love, Self-care, & Personal Boundaries Are Courageous Steps Toward Better Mental Health

Life's about living for that moment, making sure that you're happy on the inside, that you have that warm and fuzzy feeling. —G-Rex
Self-love, Self-care, & Personal Boundaries Are Courageous Steps Toward Better Mental Health

Hey there! Tired of hearing the same old advice about self-love and self-care that just doesn't seem to work? You know, like ‘just think positive’ or ‘take a bubble bath’? We've all been there. Frankly, unless those cliches are habits in your life, they probably just leave you feeling frustrated and still in need of some real solutions.

Our guest for this episode shook things up and helped us discover a fresh approach to self-love and self-care that actually works.

She’ll help you reclaim your power and set personal boundaries that truly support your mental health. Are you ready to make a real change?

Our special guest was Gretchen Schoser, a.k.a. G-Rex, from the Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads podcast.

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G-Rex is a mental health advocate with a compelling personal journey of resilience and self-love. Through her experiences, she has developed practical strategies for maintaining mental well-being and setting personal boundaries. Her insights offer a valuable perspective on self-care and mental health, making her a relatable and credible voice. She gave us practical and effective strategies for boosting self-love and self-care in our daily lives, like humor and laughter. And, her warm and engaging approach to all humans blew us away.

Her messages are simple:

  • Setting boundaries can significantly improve your mental well-being.

  • Kindness is key.

Listen to the Episode

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Episode Summary

G-Rex joins us on the CK & GK Podcast, bringing a refreshing perspective on self-love and mental health. Through her engaging banter and personal anecdotes, G-Rex shared her journey of self-discovery and the valuable lessons she’s learned. From the importance of setting personal boundaries for mental well-being to the power of positive self-talk, G-Rex’s insights resonated deeply.

From the moment I met G-Rex, I felt her empathy and kindness. The way she tells her story—with raw emotion and relatable experiences—created a unique connection with Jenny and me. We truly felt like we were chatting with a close friend we'd known for a long time.

As G-Rex dove into her own experiences and the strategies she's adopted, the conversation took a heartfelt turn, and we think our listeners will feel inspired to embark on a personal journey of self-love and self-care. By enforcing personal boundaries, G-Rex made self-care a habit; from there, she found space for self-love.

It's our true hope that the CK & GK Podcast provides a safe space for candid discussions. We want it to be a space where humor and vulnerability intertwine, leaving a lasting impact on our audience.

If you are in crisis and you live in the United States, call or Text 988 now. You can also chat online by clicking here. You will remain anonymous.

If you are outside of the United States and you are in crisis, please click here.

In a world where we can be anything, just be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to the people around you, because you never, ever know what somebody's going through. —G-Rex

Our Take

Self-Love & Boundaries

Self-love and setting personal boundaries are essential to maintaining your mental health and well-being. By prioritizing self-care and learning to say no, you protect your emotional and physical energy, which improves your sense of self-worth and empowerment. Establishing boundaries is how you cultivate healthy relationships, practice self-compassion, and create a supportive environment for personal growth and resilience.

Laughter for Mental Health

Laughter is a powerful tool for improving mental health, and it's my love language! It releases endorphins, reduces stress, and strengthens your social connections. Laughing promotes relaxation and improves your Mood, which increases your resilience. Find moments of laughter in daily interactions and routines—those moments can greatly contribute to overall well-being and emotional balance.

If you're not laughing, you'll cry. So find a way to laugh. Find a way to laugh. —CK

Music Mashup Mood Boost

Musical nostalgia is real, y'all. Music has the power to uplift and energize, making it a valuable tool for boosting mood and promoting positivity in daily life. Add your favorite music to your daily routines to get a dopamine hit that lasts all day.

Resources from G-Rex for Setting Boundaries, Self-love, and Self-care

As promised, find all of G-rex's resources here.

Materials for Non-parents
Tips and Tricks for Busy Adults with no Children- Setting Boundaries with Flair
Download PDF • 581KB

Tips and Tricks for Busy Adults with no Children- Embracing Self-Love and Self-Care with a
Download • 583KB

Materials for Parents
Materials for Kids

We love G-Rex and we love you. Thanks for supporting the show.

CK (& GK)


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