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How You Can Set Healthy Boundaries for Kids: Kimball Lewis Empowers Parents

"You're in a new family now."

Kimball Lewis, a parent coach and evangelist of the late James Lehman's Total Transformation program, is on a mission to empower parents with the tools to deal with their children's difficult behaviors.

The sass on CK's child, y'all. The. Sass.

"We are That's our website. And most people find us by doing a Google search. They're struggling with some kind of child behavior problem. We are empowering parents to take back control of their households and create a safe and healthy environment for their kids to thrive in."

Kimball Lewis is the CEO of, a website offering free articles and resources to help parents of children exhibiting defiant, obnoxious behaviors. He is an expert in the Total Transformation Program, a how-to manual for dealing with these children.

The Total Transformation Program was created by James Lehman who, as a kid, had been oppositional and defiant. After 30 years of working with kids, Lehman had a formula for how parents should deal with kids exhibiting these behaviors.

Kimball Lewis is an executive who has spent his career using research and technology to improve the lives of individuals and businesses. He began his career as a health, welfare, and child policy researcher for a leading public policy think-tank in Washington, DC. He then served as a technologist and executive in a series of successful healthcare start-up businesses. Mr. Lewis joined as CEO in 2017. At, Mr. Lewis is committed to ensuring that the timeless and practical parenting advice of James Lehman and The Total Transformation® endures for future generations of parents struggling to manage the most challenging child behavior problems. has helped over 500,000 parents by teaching them how to set boundaries for their children and how to communicate with them effectively.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1.'s history and mission, and how has it helped parents deal with difficult child behavior.

  2. Why setting boundaries for your kids improves their self-esteem and behavior.

  3. Strategies for setting rules and boundaries for children without having to engage in arguments.


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Many thanks to and Kimball Lewis for sharing their expertise and time with us.


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