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Hack your life with 6 easy life hacks all grown-ups should know

Updated: May 29

Episode 35: It was a peach basket

peach basket

Go Sports!:

Current Obsessions:

  • Jenny's obsessed with her family's new puppy, Saison! And when 3YO Kit found out that Saison would. be joining them, well... He had something to say about that. She also has these magic candles that “smell just like the rides” at Disney!

  • Caitlin's new handheld scrubber helped her clean half the grout in her kitchen (omg), and if you're reading this, you already know about her other obsession -- this new website!

Saison, Jenny's puppy

Gem of the Week:

  • Jenny's 10YO daughter makes Who's The Boss? jokes about Tony Macelli, Garth Brooks looked that same daughter in the eye during his farewell tour, And her dad loves reading about bridezillas on Reddit.

  • Caitlin's mother-in-law wants to know if she's funnier now that Caitlin has the podcast, and Caitlin's husband has an opinion. And, when her family's kitten lost a tooth, her 6YO asked about the tooth fairy.

Did You Know?

  • Jenny: It's not "McGraw" the Crime Dog... it's McGruff... 🤣

  • Caitlin: Mindblowing fact: Hamsters hibernate… yes, it would have been nicer to know this 25 years ago…

    • For lots of fun animal facts, find Mamadou Ndiaye on TikTok as @mndiaye_97

Hack Your Life: Easy Life Hacks You Need to Know

We've scoured the web and found some easy life hacks that are game-changers!

  • Jenny: Having locked herself out of her car too many times, she now puts the window down any time she gets out of the car while it's still running!

  • Caitlin: Hack 1 -- for your hair!

    • Put in your dry shampoo at night

    • Take your hair OUT OF THE BUN before bed because it causes breakage and stresses your hairline (read: your hair will thin)

    • If you can’t braid:

      • Use a tiny, clear hair tie to pull your middle section and then cut it off later

      • Don’t watch yourself braid in the mirror

      • Use two strands! Hold one in each hand, split the one in front by making a hole with your fingers, and pull the back strand through the front strand. Repeat the whole way down!

  • Jenny: Wrinkly clothes? Wet a washcloth, wring it out, and throw it in the dryer with your wrinkled stuff to steam the wrinkles out of your clothes without shrinking them!

  • Caitlin: Hack 2: Inflatable Pool Hack (could be used for anything inflatable!) -- use the top of a plastic bottle and a hair dryer (on the cool setting) to inflate large items!

  • Jenny: Line a large bowl with a grocery bag (or compost bag, if you compost!) and use it for all of the cooking scraps and garbage that you discard while cooking!

  • Caitlin: Hack 3 -- in the kitchen!

    • Cut open frozen food bags in an arc and then you can seal them by tying the two top “straps” together and put them back in the fridge – verified that this works!

    • Clean spaghetti stains off of your Tupperware by putting a napkin/paper towel in it, adding dish soap and water, closing the lid, and then shaking the Tupperware for a little while. When you reopen it, the stains will be gone!

    • Cut your oranges on the equator and then flip the “bowl” of the orange and peel to easily pull sections of orange to eat


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