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Dinosaurs, Pyramids, & Chainsaws: CK & GK Share 8 Must-Know Hidden History Facts

"I love finding out that these mythical figures that we believe to be these all-American heroes are actually somewhat nefarious." —Caitlin
Dinosaurs, Pyramids, & Chainsaws: CK & GK Share 8 Must-Know Hidden History Facts

Current and former educators uncover 8 shocking and hilarious historical facts, including Johnny Appleseed's true motives and the center of the Islamic Golden Age, and share about being ghosted by a bra company and considering a side project watching Vanderpump Rules.

Discovering the hidden truths of history is a journey that can surprise even the most knowledgeable scholars—two words that aren’t typically used to describe Caitlin and Jenny. So when they stumbled upon an unexpected twist in a BuzzFeed article, their minds were blown. Little did they know that this article would leave them questioning everything they thought they knew about the past. What shocking revelations did they uncover? Stay tuned to find out.

That said, let's see these 8 "weird history" facts that blew Caitlin & Jenny's collective minds!

Key Takeaways

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delight in surprising historical trivia to boost your awareness of the past.

  • Uncover astonishing and lesser-known historical facts to enrich your knowledge.

  • Practice intellectual curiosity!

Your Hosts

Get ready to meet Caitlin Kindred and Jenny GK, your new best friends when it comes to fascinating historical facts and trivia! With an insatiable curiosity and a knack for uncovering the most interesting tidbits from the past, our passion for learning is contagious. As teachers, we love making complex subjects accessible and fun, and this episode will leave you feeling both entertained and enlightened. From the surprising origins of everyday items to the hidden stories behind world-changing events, we’re sure to spark your interest in the past and keep you coming back for more.

Resources for Our 8 Hidden History Facts

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Mind-Blowing Universe Comparison

The episode also contains a captivating discussion about the scale of the universe and its mind-blowing enormity. The hosts talk about the Scale of the Universe toy tool, which allows users to compare the size of different objects in the universe and aids them in understanding just how vast it truly is. This insight encourages listeners to explore and learn more about our place in the universe, fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder. Caitlin and Jenny express their fascination and excitement at discovering such an engaging tool, sharing their astonishment at the staggering comparisons presented. As their audience, we are reminded through their enthusiasm that learning can be fun, and that exploring new ideas can lead to a greater appreciation of the wider world around us.

Contributions of the Islamic Golden Age

Lastly, the hosts discuss the contributions that the Islamic Golden Age has made to world civilization. They touch upon how the Middle East was once the center of knowledge, and detail the numerous advancements that were made in areas such as medicine, mathematics, and astronomy. Recognizing the achievements of other cultures helps to broaden our understanding and appreciation of global history and human accomplishment. In their conversation, Caitlin and Jenny highlight the valuable role that the Islamic Golden Age played in the development of knowledge and the advancement of civilization. By doing so, they emphasize the importance of giving credit to other cultures for their contributions and remind their listeners to appreciate the diverse tapestry of human history that has led to our modern world.


Another interesting topic that arises in the conversation is the difference between BCE (Before the Common Era) and BC (Before Christ), as well as CE (Common Era) and AD (Anno Domini, or “In the Year of Our Lord”). It highlights the importance of using accurate terminology when referencing historical dates, emphasizing that the correct usage of terms can help avoid perpetuating misinformation or misunderstandings. During their discussion, Caitlin and Jenny focus on the distinction between BCE and BC, and CE and AD. They ensure that their conversation maintains accuracy and attention to detail, making sure that they are presenting the correct information to their audience. By doing so, they promote responsible knowledge sharing and contribute to a more accurate historical understanding.

Mammoths and the Pyramids

The hosts also discuss the fascinating fact that woolly mammoths lived on Earth until 1700 BCE, coinciding with the time the Great Pyramid was completed. This revelation demonstrates the unexpected connections that can be found in our Earth's history. Learning about these interesting connections can spark our curiosity and broaden our knowledge of the world around us, enhancing our understanding of the past. Caitlin and Jenny delve deeper into the story, exploring the implications of this surprising fact about mammoths and the pyramids. They revel in the joy of learning about such an intriguing piece of information and sharing their enthusiasm with their listeners. Their excitement for discovery brings an extra layer of enjoyment to the conversation and serves as a reminder for the audience to indulge in their intellectual curiosity.

Until next week!

Caitlin & Jenny


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