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Making Kids' Birthday Parties Suck Less

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Truth time: kids' birthday parties suck. But they don't have to! When we're looking to make our kids' birthday parties less sucky, we start by finding a fun and unique location for the party. Bonus: keeping the party away from your house can save your sanity, too!

Caitlin and Jenny are parents with years of experience in parenting and hosting children's birthday parties. They just want to help parents make their children's birthday parties enjoyable for everyone!

CK and GK shared ideas for indoor and outdoor parties. Indoor options included a local children's museum, trampoline park, movie theater, art studio, pottery place, virtual reality arcade, cooking or baking class, game center, karaoke, library or bookstore, and a gymnastics or dance studio. Outdoor ideas included a hiking trail or nature reserve, local park or playground, theme park, paintball park, laser tag, ropes course, mini golf, go-cart track, and petting zoo (don't forget to provide cash for the kids to feed animals!).

"Bonus benefit. They have activities geared to kids and you often don't have to be the person running the activity." In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Some creative, unexpected places to have a kid’s birthday party

  2. Pros and cons of having a kid’s party at a trampoline park, virtual reality arcade, or petting zoo

  3. Why an explicit ask on an invitation is far more kind than an ambiguous one

Resources: Tell us your favorite places to celebrate a kid's birthday!

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