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#42: The Muscles from Brussels

Easy Ways to Make Your Millennial Closet 'New' (With Stuff You Already Own!) 👖🧣

Circle Time

🪀 Go Sports!

  • Jenny: Chess Cheating Scandal

    • Hans Niemann has admitted to cheating previously, but new analysis and research published on says he may have cheated over 100 times online

      • Using computer-generated moves, checking stats of previous matches, toggling between screens; perfect or near-perfect accuracy

    • Magnus Carlson (#1 with a ranking of 2800+ and 2500 is grandmaster) won’t play him ever again

  • Caitlin: Women’s Soccer – NBC News

    • Independent U.S. Soccer probe (headed by former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Q. Yates) began after NC Courage coach Paul Riley was fired and National Women’s Soccer League Commissioner Lisa Baird resigned after former players under Paul Riley accused him of verbal and emotional abuse in addition to sexual misconduct

    • Investigation revealed that abuse is a systemic issue in the National Women’s Soccer League – some coaches' misconduct dates from their time in professional leagues all the way down to their youth soccer days.

    • Investigation ALSO revealed that this behavior is cultural in women’s soccer. There’s been a normalizing of verbal abuse of players by their coaches and unwanted sexual advances occurring that are part of this pattern.

    • More to the story – all these details stem from this Paul Riley situation initially reported by The Athletic; players in the report name other coaches, too.

    • Bottom line: BELIEVE WOMEN.

🫶 Current Obsessions

  • Jenny: Christmas creamer/chemicals -- getting started in October!

  • Caitlin: Nail polish stickers – Dashing Diva

💎 Gem of the Week

  • Jenny: shots at doctor’s appt

  • Caitlin: Houses setting up Halloween decorations and scaring the snot out of myself early in the morning

Real Talk: Updating Your Wardrobe



Thanks to:

Updates to current items in your closet:

  • Jeans

    • Skinny jeans are no longer in (we know, we know!)

      • You can still wear them, but…

        • Don’t wear them with all of the other tight things and a giant blanket scarf all at once

        • No more plaid + utility jacket and tall boots

      • Pair skinnies with

        • Platform sneakers, cropped/shorter tank top, oversized sweater

        • Oversized blazers/long coats and a chunky shoe

    • Ready to update your jeans?

      • Start by easing out of them – you can go with a pair that is fitted over the booty and thighs but has some more room in the ankle (tons of recs for Madewell’s Perfect Vintage Jean)

      • Once you feel comfortable in them, start to go a little wider

      • Look for a cropped style – something just above the ankle

  • Cardigans

    • Go plain – fewer bold prints (the trend right now is minimalism)

    • Something that buttons in the front

    • Could also swap it out for a long trench coat or oversized blazer

  • Leggings

    • No more long sweaters and Uggs/other tall boots

    • Pair with a long jacket and crew neck sweatshirt

    • Sweater and boots

  • Dresses

    • No more t-shirt dresses – switch to a body-con or bubbly/babydoll dress

    • Okay to pair with sneakers

  • Midi-skirt

    • Opt for minimal patterns

    • Pair with sneakers

    • Oversized sweater

  • Denim Jackets

    • Cropped or oversized – your jean jacket that “feels big” but is fitted ain’t it anymore

  • Shoes

    • Platform/chunky sneakers

    • Platform/chunky sandals

    • Platform/chunky boots – you get it

    • Boots – we’re used to ankle boots but we’re looking for height on the heel and shaft of the boot – the shaft of the boot should hit right where those cropped jeans land (and the jeans should overlap juuuuuuust a little); and, Western-style booties are IN

  • Classic Millennial = Sweater + Jeans + Boots

    • Style of sweater and cut of the boot are key here

    • Sweater: ½ zip or v-neck collared sweater

    • Jeans: straight leg/dad jeans

    • Boots: chunky soles, ankle boots


  • DITCH your blanket scarves

  • Adding 1 oversized element to your outfit really updates a look

    • Chunky is in when it comes to shoes

    • Note that Gen Z is doing the “oversized everything” look (and tucking chunky jeans into cowboy boots… like, no… never ever ever will I do that…)

  • Think ONE tight piece for your outfit – can be top or bottom, but only one item!

  • Takeaway: You don’t have to throw away/get rid of your clothes that are “classic millennial” – the key is to pair those items with a few pieces that are updated


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