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#36: Kinda Tastes Like Sugar-ness

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Thanks for joining us for our SEASON 2 PREMIERE! Now, let's get down to business...

Go Sports!

  • Jenny: College football playoffs 101 -- courtesy of College Football Poll

    • Week 0 - Week 1

      • Playoffs started in 2014-15

      • Release top 25 rankings for 5 weeks (starting November 1)

        • A 13-member committee, 3-year term, ADs, coaches, former athletes, journalists, Condo-Leeza Rice (university administrators)

        • Lots of criteria, but subjective, committee decision, but individuals study before

        • The sixth week is called “Selection Sunday” and determines who moves on to playoff matchups

      • This year's (2022) Championship game is to be played on my b-day in LA

      • Next year, the (2023) Championship game is on January 8, 2024, in Houston

  • Caitlin: DeShaun Watson, Cleveland Browns QB: 24 women accused him in lawsuits of coercive and lewd behavior during massage appointments; 2 women accused him of sexual assault. He settled 23 of the claims; two grand juries in TX declined to file criminal charges

    • received an 11-game suspension (the regular season is 17 games) and a $5 million fine; ordered to undergo a behavioral-psych evaluation + treatment

    • NFL and the Browns will contribute $1 million each for a total of $7 million that will go towards nonprofits to prevent sexual misconduct and assault

    • Watson had been with the Houston Texans until March 2022 when he was traded to the Browns; Watson will receive $230 million over five years, the most guaranteed money in league history (!!!)

    • He IS outspoken about racial injustice and police brutality, but his actions appear to be “predatory” by all with any connection to the lawsuit

    • Many (including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell) were hoping for a full-season suspension (but alás) and this just seems to be a pattern of throwing money at the problem rather than holding anyone accountable

Current Obsessions:

  • Jenny: easy home repairs to make me feel like superwoman

  • Caitlin: chili-limón almonds and my 1st-grader riding the bus (#gamechanger)

Gem of the Week:

  • Jenny's little boy comin' in hot with the positive daily affirmations

  • Caitlin's little boy explains why he no longer eats chocolate -- because it “kinda tastes like sugar-ness and it kinda smells like farts”...

We hope that you enjoyed this mini-episode! We're back with more funnies and how-to content next week!


Caitlin & Jenny


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